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  1. pinch


    Still waiting for the techno-utopia when mt, slack, and plug.dj can be joined in beautiful harmony
  2. pinch

    Rate Your Mixes

    purely out of curiosity, what does mixing for that sort of electronic music entail?
  3. pinch

    Rate Your Mixes

    damn, these are really nice! super smooth and punchy. i can't say i listen to a lot of deep house so i'm probably not the best critic but these sound just as solid as any other mixes i hear from that genre. especially like the first track, love the way that lead synth at around 4:00 sits in the mix
  4. pinch

    Rate Your Mixes

    I'll have some ready to post in a couple days but for now somebody else can go first!
  5. pinch

    Rate Your Mixes

    I know there's a lot of us who make music and could use some feedback on our mixes. I know after 10+ hours mixing a song I sometimes feel like I have no idea how it even sounds anymore, so it's nice to get some fresh ears every so often. I'm not gonna try and have any rules in this thread or anything but if you plan on posting anything, be a pal and listen to some other people's mixes.
  6. yeah touring is the dream! expensive as hell though, but hopefully the next next step
  7. Lemme know how the LA hipsters are!
  8. too much $$$ for all of them. There really isn't anything in between DIY warehouse venues and ones that proper touring bands can play at. Fairly confident my band could pull 200+ people on a Saturday with the right bill, but there just isn't anywhere to do it at. Obviously weeknights are a possibility, but then you have less people come out usually. Frustrating, because we just sold out one of the more popular DIY venues that holds around 150 people, but there's not really anywhere to take that next step.
  9. fuck, its so hard to book a decent sized venue on a weekend for a local band in my town
  10. burn all gramophones, bring back real music
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