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  1. "The whole artifice of recording, I see it like this: a voice into a microphone onto a tape, onto a CD and through your speakers is all as illusory and fake as any synthesizer…. But one is perceived as ‘real’, the other somehow ‘unreal’. It’s the same with guitars versus samplers*. It was just freeing to discard the notion of acoustic sounds being truer." — Jonny Greenwood, 2000 *something that makes a loop
  2. So.. lineups are announced and daily passes are on sale. Radiohead, Skepta and Grimes are on the same day. (and also M83.) This day, Sunday July 31, shall henceforth be known as "Bellyofthebeat day." (Bellyofthebeat would like to note that if it came down to Grimes and Radiohead sets programmed at the same time- which sadly seems pretty likely, as she's too big especially in Montreal not to be on late- there would be nooooo question which one Bellyofthebeat would be at, especially after all the fun here on Mortigi in recent days.) (Also Belly... has theories about who all the "diss tracks" on Art Angels are about, mostly different Montreal musicians, and needs to test these theories by observation of crowd response and stage banter by the world princess.) (Yet Bellyofthebeat lacks even a working passport to get to Canada.)
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