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  1. it goes something like: did somebod did somebody did someone die did someone die did someone die etc but it's really hard to hear clearly i think it's meant in the sense "why are you so miserable?"
  2. i wouldn't be surprised if it's amnesiac era. maybe it was a toss-up between this and yawa for the album. the lyrics though tend to fit httt better. although not giving it the attention it deserved from the cambridge show, the daily mail is now firmly one of my favourite radiohead tracks, the full band version offers more of a crushing end to the song which, given the lyrical content, makes it for me.
  3. it's a song and it's emotional despite the computerised voice. the strings alone are worth the listen, very sad.
  4. blow out street spirit paranoid android no surprises kid a idioteque pulk/pull you and whose army we suck young blood reckoner bloom daily mail
  5. i've only listened to one radiohead album on shrooms which was in rainbows. i'm not sure i'll ever top that not that this possibility keeps me awake at night.
  6. definitely the latter, the live versions remove nearly all the production, and i think the production on the album is as good as it gets, and give the album a "rockier" feel.
  7. surely he's just singing "the pit o-of my-y soul" which takes care of the extra syllables we hear
  8. it's aboout a magpie stealing acorns from the tree
  9. in separator, right after "i'm a fish now out of water" i hear "did somebody die?" in the right channel
  10. i wonder whether kershaw's beef is more with radiohead themselves
  11. i liked this, posted back in 2000 on atease about the future of radiohead "they arent confined by ANY catagory, anywhere they go theyre going transform & MUTATE into something that is only themselves... they WILL get in the RIGHT PLACE at THE RIGHT TIME to make the music they NEED to make. i think we need TRUST them on this... they also have a shite-detector about the size of JODRELL BANK...(!)"
  12. it's impenetrable to some people just as lady gaga may be to others. the fact that andy kershaw has not heard this album, and presumably never will, does not mean he's not entitled to the view that "rock" music should not be considered art in the same sense as say painting or sculpture. he is wrong though...
  13. i think a release format around the number 5 is highly likely - this number keeps coming up
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