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  1. Oh that's right. I do like Myxomatosis better than Cuttooth, but they are both good songs. I mean they redid a whole song on Amnesiac from Kid A but that didn't ruin the album for me. Reusing lyrics isn't a terrible thing to do in my opinion. Both songs had really different moods to them so it makes it interesting.
  2. Which songs reuse old lyrics? I personally enjoy this album a lot. It isn't my favorite and I'm not sure quite where it ranks for me (probably 6th), but the songs were pretty different sounding even from the rest of their material. I don't like every single song, but the good songs make the album worth it. Sail to the Moon, Backdrifters, Go to Sleep and Punchup are top tier Radiohead for me.
  3. This is so cool! I love Ed's vocals in the back- I wish they added them in the final version.
  4. Anyone have S.A.D? I'd love to buy it from them but I can't find it anywhere.
  5. For English we have to do a poetry project and I managed to convince my teacher that Radiohead lyrics could definitely qualify as poetry. The songs I chose to analyze were Pyramid Song, All I Need and Life In A Glass House. Which songs' lyrics do you think are the most poetic?
  6. I have the super collider/butcher vinyl. Probably not very rare though, bought it off of amazon for under $20 haha
  7. I wish! But didn't Phillip announce a tour? Plus Jonny has been off with his soundtrack stuff. Although Thom did tweet some weird phrases and last tim we did get Tomorrow's modern boxes not to long after...
  8. Honey pot is so great, but it originally was an All I Need remix so maybe it was just an experimental thing. Actually thinking about it, that would sound nice with some of the other songs...
  9. What is the hype on wake me before they come? It's not the worst of the live only material but its not very exciting. In my opinion, skirting on the surface is way better. If it isn't on LP9 I will be so disappointed.
  10. YEAAAHHH Amnesiac and TKOL are probably my favorite albums of all time tbh
  11. Agreed! I can barely compare the two, they have their own unique styles. Also, since Thom already released the songs through Polyfauna, the album gets a different sense to it. Album artwork really affects the way I think about songs. Amok had a sharp black and white cover, and the sounds were just as sharp. Tomorrow's modern boxes has a pretty crappy cover in my opinion, so the songs better fit their Polyfauna worlds.
  12. The Facebook artwork is a stretched out screenshot from the opening page to the Radiohead website. It has been on there for a while.
  13. I like that one a lot too:) That and this one are my favorites! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooRWs6FkVdo
  14. Thoughts on the new update anyone? Personally I am torn. The new artwork is awesome but a few of the tracks are a bit disappointing. The controls are much harder now too. Still one of the good tracks sounds a bit like Burn the Witch, from the three chords they played live ( http://citizeninsane.eu/burnthewitch.html ) It's a bit of a stretch, I know, but still theres a possibility! I miss the old one though. If only they released a separate app for the update.
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