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  1. Nice thread, just saw this for the first time. I've actually had a reoccurring one, where I find out there's a surprise Radiohead gig happening in one of the little clubs or venues near where I live, and then the dream always plays out as my gargantuan voyage to try to reach the gig in time, inevitably ending in failure as the whole world and everyone I know seems intent on stopping me. Apart from this one time, where I reached a gig in a little pub, and I was waiting for them to come on stage. Then I heard the first notes of everything in its right place...and woke up.
  2. I've heard Thom talk about 'Fake Plastic Trees' as a big joke, and finding the bits about 'a cracked polystyrene man' funny. Up until that point it had never really occurred to me to find it funny! The metaphor in that song is drawn out to ridiculous lengths
  3. only kidding haha, but in terms of RH's output he's the driving force. They're all damn talented though
  4. Are looks all you women care about? Lol, Thom should be damn sexy to you all since he's a musical genius. If the guy who wrote Jigsaw isn't appealing then what fucking chance do normal guys like me have?!
  5. oh I forgot! The triangle at the very end of the tourist, that represents the car crash that takes you back to airbag and shows that the whole album is a weird loop. Genius.
  6. woah woah now, am I the only one who loves identikit already? There's one jarring bit, I agree, during the middle, but otherwise it has the potential to be the best RH fusion of their rock/electronic sound since...I don't even know. Seriously good tune.
  7. 1) yeah, I'm agreeing with the 'you'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking' finale of 'nude' 2) Also when the harp kicks in on motion picture soundtrack 3) thom's wails at the end of How to disappear are maybe my favourite. The music gets loud and discordant and then it goes silent for one last 'ahhh-ahhhhhhhh' 4) 'everybody leaves, if they get the chance, but meeee.....' 5) When reckoner builds back up after the quiet middle part - my GOD.
  8. A few days ago it was separator, but now probably Where I end and you begin. I love that song so much, it manages to take almost all of Radiohead's elements in one and merge them - electronic elements but also guitars, sinister but also slightly tongue in cheek, and unlike any other band.
  9. Gonna have to agree to disagree on that one buddy, but still, welcome! If you're only going to like three RH albums, those three are a damn good choice.
  10. 10, timeless classic Wonderwall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N5G6-UiCns
  11. Haha, just seen this, anyone care to clarify this: Not a fan of the helpless limbless angels?
  12. Love the idea of this thread so going to try to resurrect it... I think Where I End and You Begin is seriously underrated - it's a fantastic song. Also Fog (again), the live acoustic performance of Motion Picture Soundtrack (including the now destroyed beautiful third verse) and Up On the Ladder.
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