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  1. think i prefer the studio version live one, thom understandably seems to have a tough time catching his breath while drumming which kinda shows in the audio
  2. the meaning of jigsaw is pretty vapid but I like the imagery
  3. in rainbows is just one of the goat albums folks ppl who think otherwise are out of touch with reality tbh now that the reckoner trolling has been exposed
  4. radiohead ruined reckoner but somehow it's still better than every other song on ir
  5. very disgraceful what they did on the album
  6. off topic is like that, but don't see anything like it in grt?
  7. well in that case i've got good news for you, bds is as good and productive tactic as they come ps: we're way past any point of a two state solution being feasible
  8. @helterskelter http://forward.com/opinion/380384/richard-spencer-israel/
  9. personally I think politics is fundamentally a public discourse, but even putting that aside, it looks like he tried engaging privately and then put it out when this private convo was clearly not happening? if so don't see the issue
  10. I really like how the level of discourse here has become "ur just jealous!!"
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