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  1. Idk about it being out so soon. But I really want to hear Pyramid Dong
  2. That's true, but Eraser did at least have a few songs that were more accessible to the idea of being transitioned to live form (The Eraser, Black Swan, Harrowdown Hill). I guess TMB has Brain in a Bottle... And I'm not sure what they would do with it live... Have the bass and synth played, with a beat on a drum machine possibly (laptop), w while Yorke sings and possibly adds more to the keyboards? It'll be interesting to see
  3. How do you know this? I'm not questioning you, just assuming it's been said somewhere and I have no clue where
  4. I hope that's not the case. That would be a boring live show (IMO). Atoms for Peace is an instrument-laden group. TMB live performance would just be hitting a play button and Yorke moaning over the mic... Hope this doesn't happen. Bring on the new Radiohead!
  5. Yeah it's a really good song. Seems like I Froze Up could be on the new album with them having played it some
  6. I think a recorded version at this point wouldn't live up to the IMBW recording, at least to many. Nude was different in that it hadn't been previously released. At this point in their career, they're definitely willing to re-visit old material, but I don't think they'll do that with TLW as it's already out there in a sense
  7. Yeah but they're nothing like the finished product which is exactly the point I was making
  8. It seems they've taken the opposite approach with the recent material, such as Ful Stop, Identikit, Skirting, etc. Of course the recorded versions could be a different animal entirely.
  9. I think the problem was that for TKOL they weren't ready to play the material live. There was a transitional period between the recording and the actual live versions of the recorded renditions
  10. I had a dream that Phil's hair started coming back
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