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  1. ill wind is amazing (and sounds like it would fit perfectly after Identikit) Just wondering, can anyone upload the CD version of Spectre so I can see how differently it has been mastered? Thanks
  2. I want it but I have no money. Will a piece of paper with "my soul" written on it suffice? Just kidding but seriously that's expensive
  3. I've said this before and I'll say it again. I have a feeling one of the bonus tracks is really long. Why would they waste a whole cd on just two tracks?
  4. Present tense - "as my world comes crashing down" Glass eyes - when the violins really swell up in the chorus Present tense - the future is insiiiiiiiiide of us Burn the witch - when the bass kicks in Daydreaming - those reversed violin solos near the end Decks dark - " it's the loudest sound you've ever heard"
  5. IR is perfection It's top tier Every track is amazing The bends is amazing but there are some B sides that are like WAY better than songs on the actual album
  6. in no particular order. These are all 10/10 songs right here 1. Pyramid song 2. Reckoner 3. Paranoid android 4. Karma police 5. Subterranean homesick alien 6. Weird fishes 7. How to disappear completely 8. No surprises 9. Present tense 10. Lucky And also glass eyes
  7. Present tense It's been my alarm clock for the past two months
  8. Hmm I love identikit But I love the drum beat they used in the Austin city live version even more Either way, it's a great song
  9. I have a feeling the second track on this bonus disc is going to be really long. Hoping for a song over 10 mins
  10. Bloom: best track on album. Beautiful, interesting and just brilliant Magpie: it's alright. I like the drum beat and the Bassline, but doesn't really do much Little: I love the guitar work at 2:58 onwards, but other than that this is a pretty bland track Feral: very good live. Studio version has some interesting vocal effects. Studio version seems a bit bland compares to live version Lotus flower: good tune, not enough instrumentation. This would be a 10/10 thom Yorke track, but as a radiohead track it feels like half the band aren't doing anything Codex: second favourite track on album. Very beautiful, very unique filters on the piano at the start. Just overall an interesting listen Give up the ghost: the live version is top 20 radiohead. Absolutely brilliant. The studio version is nowhere near as good. All the harmonies are muffled and it just doesn't flow as well as the live version Seperator: brilliant track. What a way to close an album Bonus tracks: The butcher: love this track. Has some very interesting textures Supercollider: again, this feels like it's just a thom track. Staircase: love love love this track. Should have been on the album. It fits perfectly between bloom and magpie Daily mail: haven't listened to this in a whole, but I remember thinking it is alright Overall: a good listen, but not a classic And definitely not worth the four year wait after the masterpiece that is In Rainbows
  11. The only song I want at my funeral is that version of Idioteque when jonny messed up and thom walked angrily off stage Jokes aside, probably no surprises and pyramid song
  12. Their latest Instagram photo "We have assembled pre-recorded piped music to be played through the walls of participating locations this Friday"
  13. Good thing I finish early. Gonna head to rough trade East and get the white vinyl What's this thing I'm hearing about pre recorded pipe music being played
  14. The latest artwork on Radiohead's Instagram is so beautiful It looks amazing
  15. I was planning to go to rough trade East anyway. I want that white vinyl
  16. No surprises Honestly brings me to tears. Love it so much
  17. Man, those kids were annoying as hell. I played burn the witch to my younger brother and sister. They both LOVED the video. My sister is only 10 and she is obsessed with the song and we play it all the time in the car. She thought the video was brilliant, as do I. Oh and when that kids react people were like "wHo WanTs tO LisTen To DIS music" I was like "BISH I DO!"
  18. Pyramid song is my all time favourite radiohead song Amnesiac is a terrific album. The whole album just has the brilliant mood and tone to it. It's still only my 4th fav RH album though
  19. When I said that TKOL was too predictable, I didn't mean that it was repetitious. There's nothing wrong with loops and repetition For me the main problem with TKOL is that the songs don't go anywhere. Take "little by little" for example. There's nothing about that song that shocked me or surprised me or made me go "wow that's amazing". But still, TKOL is a brilliant album. It's just not a top tier RH album for me
  20. BTW- the second verse is gorgeous, and I love when the bass really kicks in Daydreaming- that strings bit where the strings sound reversed was surprising. Really like that bit Present tense- considering I hadn't listened to any demos of this song, the chorus really shocked me. I think it might be one of my favourite RH choruses ever The numbers: basically this whole song was a big surprise. Identikit: where the beat changes
  21. ^Agreed. The "as my world comes crashing down" section is so beautiful but so hard to listen to. Really emotional stuff right there
  22. I figured out why I don't like TKOL as much as the other albums. So me and my mum and listening to to OKC in the car, which we always do, and she says "I love how every track manages to surprise you in some way". And it's true. First time I ever heard Karma Police years ago, I almost cried at the key change and the "I lost myself" bit. It was so unexpected and completely caught me off guard. And that's when I realised: TKOL is too safe and predictable for most of its songs. You've got the amazing songs, like the beautiful end to Seperator, flugelhorns in Codex and Bloom (which is easily the best track on the album). But all the other songs are so predictable. Nothing is thrown your way and nothing really catches you off guard. I guess it's a very easy-listening album, but I like a challenging album
  23. Also, I might buy the postcards. They look really cool. Not too fond of the t shirts though.
  24. Belly of the beat is awesome. All of ya'll tryna hate on belly, shame on you.
  25. Earlier today I noticed that the special edition of AMSP (the 78 book thingy) has a slightly different cover. It's essentially the same as the original, but in colour (this dark blue / green colour almost dark turquoise) I kinda like the dark turquoise cover more. It's a colour I associate with this album a lot
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