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  1. cool stuff kev, love the colors in the spider web one haven't really touched my camera lately, took this a little while ago. i think it's one of my all time faves
  2. thanks and yessir they sure are! thanks ula!
  3. new england dude, this place can be magical if you know where to look
  4. cool stuff kevin! love the gull pics
  5. very pretty, especially the bw shot kevin what do you use for filters? like what brand/specs & such
  6. where are all the mt photographers lately? i wanna see some pics ppl here's stuff from may
  7. i met a guy at a radiohead concert with this tattooed on his chest, it looked pretty cool:
  8. had all these saved cause my sister wants a radiohead tat and also wanted something relatively obscure, they're all from the old memory hole click-through sites
  9. i'd say both are used here at about the same frequency, at least in the NE corner
  10. thanks! yeah i can't get enough of all of the bright green around me right now from the new leaves and lil baby ferns
  11. i love that aspect ratio! for some reason it's just so aesthetically pleasing
  12. whhATT this is an actual thing?? big boots is cool and all but please oh please give lift the studio recording it deserves
  13. i didn't really take many pics this month but these are my faves
  14. i love the pigeon one too! what awesome timing also A+ mirror selfie, really digging the diamond pattern
  15. attn photo people: does anyone know anything about lenses that produce swirly bokeh? i've been looking into the helios lenses but i just read somewhere that you need a full frame camera to actually get the swirly effect in ur photos, and i have cropped frame :[ does anyone know if there's a work around for this? i don't want to get the lens if what i'm buying it for requires an entirely different camera body this is the desired effect: ^ giacomo ferri ^dapalmerpeter basically the bokehs get more oblong towards the edges, supposedly it's a defect of some vintage le
  16. one more then i'm going to disappear for a little while more:
  17. no worries, that's actually kind of what i'm going for! for me when i reflect on a memory it's kind of just a blur of colors and light, you know? so that's what i try to make my photos look like. and that garden was so pretty, i've never been surrounded by so many flowers <3
  18. once i went manual i never went back very cool alan how did you take that pic?
  19. i personally like the color one better, all the cool lines stand out really well in that one
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