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  1. i met a guy at a radiohead concert with this tattooed on his chest, it looked pretty cool:
  2. had all these saved cause my sister wants a radiohead tat and also wanted something relatively obscure, they're all from the old memory hole click-through sites
  3. i'd say both are used here at about the same frequency, at least in the NE corner
  4. whhATT this is an actual thing?? big boots is cool and all but please oh please give lift the studio recording it deserves
  5. lol nope but how uncanny is that?! in all the years i've been a radiohead fan those have consistently been in at least my top 5 and i am just now realizing this weird coincidence. radiohead if you're telling me to buy a play 3 lotto ticket using the number 444 I'M LISTENING
  6. guys i just had a moment of realization my top 3 radiohead songs are all the fourth track on an album: htdc weird fishes exit music what does this MEAN
  7. lol i know right.. i wanted to be done right then and there but i figured hey what the hell, okc isn't that bad
  8. whhhhaaaaaa no way optimistic is WAY better anyway, reckoner reckoner v. decks dark
  9. i also got paranoid android, i suppose it fits my exact thought i felt like i did something dirty when i clicked okc it's ok kid a you're still my #1
  10. idioteque idioteque v. the national anthem
  11. i thought the same thing, i forget where they were in relation to each other. i thought for sure i had rated mps above it but nope! exit music! i know it may not objectively or musically be their best, it's a nostalgia thing for me
  12. looked at my top 100 list, apparently for me pyramid song is the winner pyramid song v. let down
  13. reckoner reckoner v. nude (holy shit this is still going?)
  14. talk show host talk show host v. punchdrunk lovesick singalong
  15. i thought this was a joke thread, is this not a joke thread album art is obv melting glaciers duh, thom's a huge tree-huggin hippie
  16. i was really looking forward to hearing decks dark too cause i figured it was a given but they decided not to. can't really complain tho cause they played like 5 of some of my favorite radiohead songs, still overjoyed and in disbelief that i was actually able to see them i was definitely pleasantly surprised with how they played songs from almost every album, not the bends tho
  17. also, does anyone know if the aurora borealis was visible in the montreal area on sunday night? at one point during rh's show i swear the entire sky had this really odd green tinge and i just wanna make sure i'm not going crazy
  18. it was great, i wish i had taken some video but i decided to just dance around and enjoy it. as far as osheaga goes there's always next year
  19. i was lucky enough to be in the front row for radiohead at osheaga and it was life changing
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