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    Neoteny, Muslim Manga, Theological Rap, Animal Poems, Italian Cinema, Pigfuck Grooves
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    Destroying Angel
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    Kid A, Fog, Worrywort
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    Bardo Pond, Unwound, MBV, Swans, Pharoah Sanders, Lisa Germano, Fugazi, Ras Kass

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  1. hey, would you say that huckleberry finn is your favorite novel?

    1. snow


      Never decided on one favorite novel, but it's def up there.

    2. Tommy Gun Angel

      Tommy Gun Angel

      that's ok! i was wondering if there would be one novel to which i could attach your name in the countdown, haha. thanks for your contributions, btw. : )

  2. re-worked list: kid a pyramid song worrywort there there fog airbag let down sail to the moon blow out lift gagging order true love waits life in a glasshouse morning bell motion picture soundtrack i might be wrong idioteque all i need talk show host reckoner
  3. not sure if you've noticed, but i think my good-natured trolling has gone way too far in the MFNWY thread... :S

    1. love detective

      love detective

      lolz, as soon as i saw The Alchemist i knew something is not right. excellent post :D

    2. Tommy Gun Angel

      Tommy Gun Angel

      haha sweet. thank you for trusting me! (;

    1. Tommy Gun Angel

      Tommy Gun Angel

      hey! te estoy escribiendo. mientras tanto, te dejo eso para que te inspires. <3

    2. pitol


      jaja, apenas se presentó en uno de los festivales más grandes de la capital en su nueva faceta de metalero

  4. http://youtu.be/pVpXSuwCNjE --- i think you don't like it when people suggest that you hang out with polar bears or arctic foxes, but i was listening to this song the other day and thought: "well, why not share it with her?" lol .... i was going to post it in another thread but forgot. have a nice day.
    1. sans.mythologies


      the inuit promise huh, that's a pretty cool song. i like it. man i wish i was hanging out w/ polar bears and arctic foxes but no bears here. i hang out with red foxes though. and piping plovers. thank you for the song, i enjoyed it, a great day to you too.

    2. Tommy Gun Angel

      Tommy Gun Angel

      red foxes and piping plovers sound good, though! you're welcome, and thank you too. : )

  5. i think you'd really like These Are My Twisted Words (if you don't already).
  6. o: i'm already working on my own list. fuck. how did i forget about exit music!?
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