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  1. Based on personal preferences. Mine would be: Disc 1 2 + 2 = 5 Paranoid Android The National Anthem Where I End And You Begin Pyramid Song Let Down You And Whose Army? There There Climbing Up The Walls Fake Plastic Trees Weird Fishes Street Spirit (fade out) Disc 2 Just Bangers And Mash Karma Police Everything In Its Right Place Idioteque Dollars And Cents Reckoner How To Disappear Completely Airbag A Wolf At The Door Go Slowly The Tourist
  2. Nah, the build up is absolutely class and one of the most epic things they ever did. The ending is alright but doesn't live up to the songs premise. They should've used a heavier version of the climax in We Suck Young Blood instead as the ending to Sit Down Stand Up, and then extende it with about ten seconds with some really insane vocals before it falling into (the other) best parts of WSYB as a 1 min outro. Then it would've been a top 10 Radiohead tune, surely. If I were Godrich, that would have been my advice anyway.
  3. In Rainbows Disc 1 1. 15 Steps 2. All I Need 3. Nude 4. Weird Fishes 5. Bangers & Mash + Bodysnatchers from 2:07 emerged into one epic song 6. Reckoner 7. Go Slowly 8. Down Is The New Up 9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 10.Videotape This would put Bangers And Mash, Down Is The New Up and Go Slowly in Disc 1, and relegate Faust Arp and House of Cards to Disc 2, making it a more intense album in my opinion. I always thought they ditched too many great songs to Disc 2. Thoughts? In Rainbows Disc 2 1. Mk 1 2. House of Cards 3. Up On A Ladder 4. Last Flowers 5. Faust Arp 6. Mk 2 7. 4 Minute Warning
  4. The opener and closer is probably the only things they got right considering the tracklist lol. The variance is what I love about the album though. Somehow it highlighted everything I love about music. I guess the album fell between two stools for many people. It definitely contains some of their very best work (Where I End And You Begin is their most underrated IMO). The most irritating moment about the album is Sit Down Stand Up, which could have been one of their best if they did the climax right.
  5. Most people still rank it behind Kid A, Ok Computer, Amnesiac, In Rainbows and The Bends (some also TKOL) because of it's length and incoherent mood though so it doesn't really get away with it. I love all songs on it - I even adore A Punchup and We Suck Young Blood which so many people seem to dislike - but I still think it would've been an *objectively* better album with only 10 songs.
  6. The first three works brilliantly considering the dream concept. Where I End could possibly work after There There. I really see the value of The Gloaming in the nightmare/dream context (after 2 + 2 = 5 really fits too). However, I think two I Will is too much so it should just end with A Wolf. Maybe Gagging Order could work. Have that morning mood to me lol (musically, not lyrically).
  7. That was a very trippy idea. As a dream the tracklist def makes sense. But it lacks Where I End, the best song on HTTT imo, which could easily fit the concept as well.
  8. Go to Sleep is definitely the song that gives me the most headache, and I share your view that it's very difficult to fit into the box (it's very light compared to the other material on there). I don't think it should be the opener though as it's not strong enough for that IMO. Also, 2 + 2 = 5 fits perfect for that. The positive thing about Go To Sleep is that it makes the album more accessible. Which it needs, I guess.
  9. Reckoner There There Fake Plastic Trees Paranoid Android Just Bangers And Mash The National Anthem Everything In Its Right Place Karma Police True Love Waits The songs that I loved initially by them was: Everything In Its Right Place Fake Plastic Trees You And Whose Army? Dollars and Cents Pyramid Song
  10. 1. Let Down 2. Pyramid Song 3. Where I End And You Begin 4. The National Anthem 5. Paranoid Android 6. Weird Fishes 7. Street Spirit (fade out) 8. There There 9. Fake Plastic Trees 10. You And Whose Army? 11. Dollars And Cents 12. Climbing Up The Walls 13. 2 + 2 = 5 14. Everything In Its Right Place 15. How To Disappear Completely 16. The Tourist 17. In Limbo 18. Life In A Glasshouse 19. Go Slowly 20. Bangers And Mash
  11. 2 + 2 = 5 Where I End And You Begin Sail To The Moon Backdrifts Sit Down Stand Up Myxomatosis I Will LA There There Go To Sleep A Wolf At The Door OR: 2 + 2 = 5 There There Go To Sleep Where I End And You Begin Sail To The Moon Backdrifts Sit Down Stand Up Myxomatosis I Will LA A Wolf At The Door OR (making it as short as a Can record): 2 + 2 = 5 There There Where I End And You Begin Sail To The Moon Sit Down Stand Up Myxomatosis A Wolf At The Door I Will LA
  12. I have been thinking for years now on one of the most mysterious questions in the universe: What is the ideal HTTT tracklist? I personally like all the tracks on HTTT but most people agree that the album contains far too many songs and that the tracklist doesn't really float that well. For those reasons it's one of their least popular albums. Many, Thom Yorke included, have suggested alternative shortened versions to make it more coherent, short and intense, and avoiding it being too much of an overload. Here is my version (I've removed those 4 songs which had least views on youtube and listens on spotify, making them presumably the least popular): 2 + 2 = 5 Where I End And You Begin Sail To The Moon Backdrifts Sit Down Stand Up Myxomatosis I Will LA There There Go To Sleep A Wolf At The Door All the transitions works perfectly (try for yourself), and also gives a great float in mood throughout. 1. 2 + 2 = 5 is the most natural opener. You need quality on the first track and using There There as the opener, as Thom suggested with his alternative tracklist, would give away the most popular song on the album too early. 2. Putting WIEAYB as track number 2 gives that great song far more importance. Transition works really good and the dystopic, intense atmosphere from 2 + 2 = 5 also continues. (2 + 2 = 5 and Sit Down, Stand Up both builds and then explodes - the same pattern - so they should be more separated) 3. WIEAYB got apocalyptic vibes while Sail To The Moon got post-apocalyptic vibes & the transition works really, really well. 4. The transition from Sail To The Moon to (the very underrated) Backdrifts from the original album order is far too natural to be changed. Backdrifts is also one of those tracks that makes HTTT feel like an album and is for that reason essential. 5. After two relatively slow songs the album needs to build up again but the transition from Backrifts to Go To Sleep on the original tracklist ruins the float, I think. Those sound effects towards the end of Backdrifts are foreshadowing the effects used at the ending of Sit Down Stand Up (it almost works as a part of the build up), and the songs bridge very naturally. 6. Falling straight into another ballad would make Sit Down Stand Up too isolated. Therefore the electronica attack from the end of Sit Down Stand Up continues into Myxomatosis. Backdrifts-Sit Down Stand Up-Myxomatosis also functions as a great trilogy. 7. After an intense period (end of Sit Down Stand Up to Myxomatosis) the listener needs a bit of a break. The transition from Sit Down-Myxo to a slow, depressing ballad makes sense. The LA version is hauntingly beautiful compared to the album version I think. I Will is also a natural transition from the dramatic, intense Myxomatosis to more guitar driven tracks. 8. I Will leaves good room for There There to kick in. There There is also given the same position as Idioteque on Kid A (which have a very admirable organisation of it's tracklist). 9. From one guitar driven track to another. Go To Sleep works alongside There There pretty well as it sounds like it's little brother, and the songs I Will LA-There There-Go To Sleep makes for another trilogy. 10. A Wolf At The Door, on the of better songs on HTTT, do work as an ender and there aren't that many alternatives to it anyway.
  13. Most songs on Pablo Honey and TKOL are really bad. The first part of Bodysnatchers is also terrible.
  14. 1. OK Computer 2. Kid A 3. Hail To The Thief 4. Amnesiac 5. In Rainbows 6. The Bends 7. Pablo Honey 8. The King Of Limbs
  15. Pablo Honey: F - Lurgee LF - Prove Yourself The Bends F - Street Spirit (fade out) LF - Nice Dream OK Computer F - Let Down LF - Electioneering (still love it though) Kid A F - The National Anthem LF - Optimistic (love the "aaaaah" part but the "uuuuuuh" part is just annoying) Amnesiac F - Pyramid Song LF - Morning Bell / Amnesiac (never fails to give me an headache) Hail To The Thief F - Where I End And You Begin (criminally underrated) LF - The Gloaming (the album version is the most uninteresting thing I've ever heard) In Rainbows F - Weird Fishes LF - Faust Arp TKOL F - Bloom LF - Feral People who criticise Dollars And Cents and Sit Down Stand Up, two of their coolest and intense songs, should be lynched, possibly hanged.
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