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  1. labo(u)r day/ may dayand the five year anniv of something this year is the five year anniversary of a silenced "spring"
  2. why would we ever expect them to do what most people were expecting? and i personally think (hope?) it will be released before the tour. and i still hope march will bring some kind of official announcement or maybe even a single/video and interview and as-yet-unannounced hype building free shows. i'm just trying to say this idea is crazy that early may is outrageously late to release something to tour it in late may. may 1 seems like a reasonable guess (especially if it's a political album- that's a very significant date, aside from being "dawn chorus day"). what confuses me is just why people are expressing shock that they would wait until as "late" as may 1, which is still... weeks before the tour is beginning. the idea is crazy that starting a tour weeks later, is too early in some way. artists always start tours as close to the album as they can, so the album and tour support each other, and radiohead are no exception. they did not want to have to delay the tour for ir and limbs so long, they had to because they hadn't yet worked out live dates and arrangements. this time maybe they decided, like with kid a, to delay the release of the album itself until they'd done the live arrangements (they rehearsed kid a and amnesiac and invented the live versions we know, in late spring and early summer 2000), but unlike with kid a, they will maybe be able to drop the actual album just before that summer tour (rather than waiting till fall) because they're working independently and digital has changed everything. radiohead fans even in medieval times of the internet have been known to memorize songs and lyrics on the basis of the lowest quality napster bootlegs so they would be able to know and love the songs played live even months before the album release, let alone weeks after the album drops.
  3. not sure where y'all got the idea artists don't release albums any later than months before a tour. like do people even listen to artists besides radiohead? most artists release albums anywhere from a few days before a tour, to the day a tour begins, to halfway through a tour. and album-related tours from major artists who can get away with this, are very often announced before an album has been finished, tracklisted, titled or even clearly announced. and radiohead themselves used to do exactly that too, with every album up to in rainbows. kid a was released halfway through its world tour. ok computer, amnesiac and hail to the thief all had tours that began in may, the first video/single dropped in may but the album was in june.
  4. From the Basement are studio recordings.
  5. I remember watching a brief documentary on the making of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' comeback Push the Sky Away three years ago (the video was included with iTunes downloads and is also on Youtube). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elBoAGutSwY In this documentary, Push the Sky Away producer Nick Launay talked about how Nigel Godrich had personally recommended to him the studio, La Fabrique, the Seeds were using in the south of France (and you see them working in this studio in the video of course). This surprised me because, first of all that Cave record was probably the most awesome mellow record ever made by middle aged punks and Nick Launay once produced claustrophobic masterpieces like Flowers of Romance by PIL and The Dreaming by Kate Bush in the early '80s and not only was I surprised he had worked on a recent album that was essentially Nick Cave's In Rainbows, I was also surprised he knew Nigel at all, let alone that Nick Launay of all people would be looking to a younger and arguably more middle of the road producer on advice for where to record Nick Cave. That said, it primarily surprised me because I had never actually heard of Nigel recording anything with anyone in the south of France until I saw that video. And that was slightly over three years ago. If Nigel was repping that studio so hard he was telling the post punk legends of his youth to do shit there (and the results *were* pretty good with Launay's work with Cave and the Seeds) then it would make lots of sense for that to be where Radiohead recorded this album. The isolation of the studio may account for why this hasn't been reported. Launay also talks more about Nigel's rec of the studio here. http://tingen.org/cave-magical-fabrique/ It's interesting they are doing a date in Lyon, which has to be by far the most minor city they are hitting on this tour. Is it because that feels right given relative proximity to where they recorded, and possibly where they were inspired to write certain songs? Recommended viewing on the southern French winds, by the greatest leftist documentary filmmaker of all time... the wind rises?
  6. Anyone following this? After a year long investigation into the killing of Scott Johnson, Radiohead and their company Ticker Tape LLC avoided charges, but the evil conglomerate Live Nation, which they partnered with to secure their venues, was charged with multiple counts resulting in the man's death and potentially endangering the audience- two other companies and an engineer employed by the companies were also charged with criminal negligence. I'm guessing the progress of the case is being kept under wraps until a verdict- perhaps someone in the city is actually attending the trial, whether as part of professional duties or for personal reasons? No, I'm not asking you to violate the law and get the whole thing dismissed in court by opening up about it on some Radiohead fan site- just a confirmation it's actually going on would be enough. I can find no information online on the trial, only the fact that it was supposed to have started on June 27 at the Ontario Court of Justice.
  7. Norwegian Wood is Jonny Greenwood's masterpiece by some distance, his most moving work
  8. PABLO HONEY 1993 (opened for) Tears for Fears 1993 (opened for) Belly 1994 Dou Wei THE BENDS 1995 (opened for) REM 1995 (opened for) Soul Asylum 1996 (opened for) Alanis Morissette OK COMPUTER 1997 (co-headliners) Teenage Fanclub 1997 (planned, cancelled co-headliners) Bjork 1997 Spiritualized 1997 Sparklehorse KID A 2000 Sigur Ros 2000 The Roots 2000 Anti-Pop Consortium 2000 Handsome Boy Modelling School AMNESIAC 2001 Christoph de Babalon 2001 Kid Koala 2002 Four Tet HAIL TO THE THIEF 2003 Asian Dub Foundation 2003 The Black Keys 2003 Stephen Malkmus 2003 Low 2006 Bat for Lashes 2006 Deerhoof 2006 Willy Mason IN RAINBOWS 2008 Grizzly Bear 2008 Liars 2008 Modeselektor 2009 (co-headliners) Kraftwerk THE KING OF LIMBS 2012 Other Lives 2012 Connan Mockasin 2012 Caribou
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