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  1. http://pitchfork.com/news/53220-radioheads-jonny-greenwood-writes-new-orchestra-piece-water/
  2. Oneohtrix point never is there too. Its like my dream festival
  3. Apparently Jonny is premiering a new piece called Water with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
  4. Jonny when holding a guitar. Ed every other time.
  5. Kid A and then Amnesiac. 2nd and first best album covers. Pablo Honey is the least and its the worst cover.
  6. Mmm you're probably right, doesn't appeal to me though. I'll come round one day aha.
  7. Dont think anyone thats posted is a bass player yet. I'll do it, live in australia though
  8. Please explain to me the appeal of it. It bores me to tears and isnt as interesting as any of the experimental b-sides around that time.
  9. I never got into Cuttooth but the rest are brilliant. Best radiohead b-sides.
  10. The more experimental the album is, the better the cover is. It almost works perfectly.
  11. I dont know if it could fit they're current style without major changes. Then again, maybe album no.9 will be a complete change in direction.
  12. C'mon dude, Videotape's not an opener.
  13. He has also written the instrumental "Meeting in the Aisle", "Lull", and the instrumentation of "Big Boots".[citation needed] According to Wikipedia.
  14. Yeah i like the idea of that.
  15. That opening riff is heaven, Ed wrote this no?
  16. I don't think there's been a thread for this song, sorry if there has been. How amazing is it? And also, why did they never record it? From all the live versions i've heard it sounds perfect the way it is. Should I give up hope on them recording this? Thoughts?
  17. What I'm saying is I'm never gonna go out of my way to listen to Treefingers individually but it works with the rest of the album. Surely most people are the same, right?
  18. If you look at them individually I'd say Treefingers is mediocre. Having said that Kid A works brilliantly as a whole so that was a stupid point by me
  19. I'd say about 3 quarters of Pablo Honey is 'bad' (Creep, You, Blow Out and Anyone Can Play Guitar are all gd) as well maybe Codex which is just so weak compared to some of their other songs which are similar. I'd also say Fitter Happier is just tolerable along with Sulk and Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors. We Suck Young Blood is pretty cringe worthy but i like the fast but in the middle so its not too bad. Apart from that, everything else is pretty brilliant and whoever said Hunting Bears and A Punch Up At A Wedding are bad has no clue.
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