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  1. http://pitchfork.com/news/53220-radioheads-jonny-greenwood-writes-new-orchestra-piece-water/
  2. Oneohtrix point never is there too. Its like my dream festival
  3. Apparently Jonny is premiering a new piece called Water with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
  4. Jonny when holding a guitar. Ed every other time.
  5. Kid A and then Amnesiac. 2nd and first best album covers. Pablo Honey is the least and its the worst cover.
  6. Mmm you're probably right, doesn't appeal to me though. I'll come round one day aha.
  7. Dont think anyone thats posted is a bass player yet. I'll do it, live in australia though
  8. Please explain to me the appeal of it. It bores me to tears and isnt as interesting as any of the experimental b-sides around that time.
  9. I never got into Cuttooth but the rest are brilliant. Best radiohead b-sides.
  10. The more experimental the album is, the better the cover is. It almost works perfectly.
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