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  1. I don't know why anyone would want to go to Denmark.
  2. Maybe they could finally release Follow Me Around then.
  3. Paranoid Android, apparently. It says the quiz is from last week.
  4. Final track on final album should be called Me, obviously.
  5. I've got Stockholm tickets too.
  6. No, that will remain unreleased for another 20 years.
  7. The album has already been recorded during these last sessions, it'll be released next year.
  8. Cow Jumped Over 1. Open the Floodgates 2. Follow Me Around 3. Skirting on the Surface 4. Lift 5. I Froze Up 6. Cut a Hole 7. Putting Ketchup in the Fridge 8. Spooks 9. I Lie Awake 10. Creep (Reprise) 11. Come to Your Senses 12. Riding a Bullet 13. Dawn Chorus 14. Wake Me (Before They Come) 15. Big Boots
  9. Thought it would be fun to draw some stickers with bears and minotaurs for Telegram (instant messaging software), feel free to add them or just admire if you can't. Might expand later. https://telegram.me/addstickers/bearsminotaurs
  10. If it doesn't make it on the next album I'll cut a hole in Thom's wall with a chainsaw and deal with him.
  11. Check if it has an airbag, if it doesn't it's a stupid car, a killer car, if you will.
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