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  1. I listened to Ok Computers b-sides and it was hard to pick a favorite I voted for Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) but if I had to pick a second favorite it would be Palo Alto.
  2. I have to agree with you on that one XD The artwork looks so beautiful. I really liked the afp print on the furniture/sofas/lamp I was pretty sad when they said the afp mugs were sold out cuz mugs are cheap only £10. I know right why did they do that? Don't worry
  3. These are my Favorites and least favorites Pablo Honey F - Stop Whispering LF - Creep The Bends F - My Iron Lungs/Black Star LF - Bulletproof ... I Wish I Was Ok Computer F - Paranoid Andriod/SHA LF - ??? Kid A F - Idioteque LF - ??? Amnesiac F - Pyrimid Song LF - Life In A Glasshouse Hail To The Thief F - There There/A Wolf At The Door LF - We Suck Young Blood In Rainbows F - Reckoner LF - All I Need (it makes me cry) King of Limbs F - Give up the Ghost/Lotus Flower LF - Little By Little
  4. Yeah I see what you mean. It doesn't sound as good as the other songs on The Bends.
  5. Me too I love the The Bends I don't know why people dislike Sulk I like it :/
  6. I really liked blow out. Thinking about you and lurgee sound like christian songs dunno why? I've listened to creep already. It's really really catchy.
  7. Thank you. I'm glad you like that song too :') What other nice Pablo Honey songs do you like?
  8. I think Amok has grown on me, at first I didn't like Dropped and Unless. and my only favourites were JJ&E, Default and Ingenue But now I really like Dropped, STP and Reverse Running. Unless is really nice too.
  9. Hello I'm Doodlez I'm kinda new to Radiohead's music. I started listening to them in 2012. I'm a 90's baby I started of listening to Paranoid Android then I listen to Ok Computer, The Bends, Kid A, In Rainbows and TKOL. OK Computer was a very wonderful album because it was very different, the songs are very moving. I love The Bends because of it's rock sound and it just sounds really cool. I was really surprised with Kid A it was really different from their earlier work, electronic music is amazing. I feel that In Rainbows and TKOL are really peaceful/spiritual albums that are very breathtaking and beautiful. HTTT is a pretty awesome album it has so many interesting songs.(my fave songs from HTTT are Wolf at The Door, Myxomatosis and 2+2+5) I've recently listened to Amnesiac and I think it really good because I felt it really flowed and worked really well as a album. But I have to say my fave albums are The Bends, In Rainbows, Kid A and OK Computer.....I still haven't listened to Pablo Honey (buuut I like Stop Whispering it's beautiful) I like the music video for it too I really like their music it's so insightful and beautiful. Hmmm I'm thinking about buying six Radiohead albums. If I have enough money... I think the members of Radiohead are so cool Thom Yorke and Ed O'Brien are my favorite members <3 I don't know what else to say...
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