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  1. in all seriousness, what song is that?
  2. Any of you guys got this yet? http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/140211/PolyFauna looks kinda cool, curious to see what it's like. Downloading IOS 7 on my ipad just so I can get it
  3. I saw them at T in the Park where they were only headlining the third stage, the amount of people who saw Mumford and Sons or Calvin Harris instead really pissed me off.
  4. Genuinely thought this was serious for a second
  5. Can't stop listening to there there and go slowly atm
  6. opinions, eh? I really like alt-J That being said, I prefer every RH album to an awesome wave, except maybe Pablo Honey.
  7. Alt-J's debut album is pretty amazing. Only album released recently that I would rank close to Radiohead.
  8. Colin's blurry face is so happy. Brightened up my day a little
  9. Don't understand the Fitter Happier hate. It's not that pleasant to listen to but I wouldn't really class it as a 'song' anyway. I also enjoy the lyrics as well
  10. Yeah, that bit and when the twin guitar parts first enter are so subtly beautiful
  11. I remember having sex to paranoid android after watching this interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksphoBLtAmk it didn't go to well
  12. The minotaur will definitely be getting purchased, it's so fucking cool. Never thought you'd be able to get a radiohead soft toy
  13. Nude, Reckoner, No surprises and Motion picture soundtrack have all made my cry on occasion. But I was usually either drunk or already upset about something
  14. All those early covers are so cool. Most of the song choices are just not what you'd expect, although a few are done tongue in cheek I suppose.
  15. Just would be pretty cool. Probably my favourite of their more "rockier" songs and would be brilliant to see live
  16. I remember first finding them and playing them all the time cause I found them so funny. And their covers of Rhinestone Cowboy and Nobody Does it Better (The James Bond song) as well.
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