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  1. in all seriousness, what song is that?
  2. Any of you guys got this yet? http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/140211/PolyFauna looks kinda cool, curious to see what it's like. Downloading IOS 7 on my ipad just so I can get it
  3. I saw them at T in the Park where they were only headlining the third stage, the amount of people who saw Mumford and Sons or Calvin Harris instead really pissed me off.
  4. Always had a soft spot for the chorus of there there
  5. Genuinely thought this was serious for a second
  6. Can't stop listening to there there and go slowly atm
  7. opinions, eh? I really like alt-J That being said, I prefer every RH album to an awesome wave, except maybe Pablo Honey.
  8. Alt-J's debut album is pretty amazing. Only album released recently that I would rank close to Radiohead.
  9. Colin's blurry face is so happy. Brightened up my day a little
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