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  1. Thom has enough self-awareness to know that his electronic output is just a distraction from his day-job. Some of his fans on the other hand seem to be under the impression that he invented electronic music.
  2. On reflection, a lot of the sounds used on Amok are pretty amateurish.
  3. It is 109.8 days when it is a leap year, which both 2004 and 2008 were; I am not sure how this affects things.
  4. Have a legit break, have a legit Kit Kat
  5. PolyFauna should tide them over for another 3 or 4 years.
  6. Neither, just exploring all angles. I wouldn't bother, but then it wouldn't happen at all.
  7. Oh come on, I was very obviously joking about the 'my level' stuff, do I really come over as an over-serious, angry troll on here?
  8. I'm not angry, how could you infer from plain writing that there is genuine anger? I just disagree with you and corrected an error you made about me, I'm not fussed enough to be angry. A troll is by definition someone who is inflammatory and derails threads. I've never derailed a thread, I just have strong opinions that are well thought out and when people disagree with me they get lazy and throw the troll word because they're not clever enough to debate with me on my level. You certainly can't declare someone a troll when you haven't even read their posts and are just judging them by the less reasoned responses of the people they're talking to. Ironically, by talking about me and not the thread topic, the thread has been derailed, which makes the derailers trolls, oh dear.
  9. It was good for a while, but it becomes stale, don't miss my point on purpose, the same thing done over and over becomes boring, that doesn't mean it was never a good idea. And I have moved on, I haven't listened to Radiohead for about 2 years and I only listened to Amok a couple of times before deciding I was bored of it all now. I came to this thread to explain exactly why I have moved on, so I don't need anyone to tell me what to do.
  10. It isn't creative, it's the way Thom has been doing things for about 15 years, what's so creative about repeating yourself?
  11. We only owe people who we've coerced into helping us, sounds legit.
  12. The whole process was carried out arse-backwards; the band should have written the songs together as a group and then recorded them in the studio with the help of computers. Instead the songs were seemingly created from scratch on the computer, perhaps using the odd 5 second loop of a band jam session, mangled beyond recognition, with the band then learning the songs and performing them live with computers compensating for all the parts that aren't playable by a human.
  13. Radiohead doesn't owe anything to the fans who bought their records and paid for tickets to their gigs by the thousands, making them millionaires in the process, of course not, without us Radiohead would have made it big on their own, having fans is just a bonus.
  14. Why do people even bother making classical music anymore, it's been done to death, and modern classical music is so pretentious and tedious. When people listen to classical music in hundreds of years to come, they'll listen to the greats from the baroque of the 1600s to the romantics of the 1800s, not the experimental rubbish of the last 100 years. The only orchestral music of the 20th and 21st centuries to be remembered in aeons to come will be film score music, e.g. John Williams.
  15. Most of it just sounds like MIDI, what's the point of getting a band together to play only to then suck all the life out of their performance with the computer? It really does sound like something a teenager could have made on Cubase. Thom even admitted as much when he spoke about the band learning to play Default after it had already been released as a single.
  16. It must be said, the quality of the music doesn't always justify the amount of time taken to make these albums. It's all very well them having breaks as the aging process slows them down, but are the 'planning what to do next' discussions really necessary? Just get into the studio and make some music like you did just fine through most of the 90s and 00s. I'm long past caring all that much about them to be honest, a bunch of middle-aged millionaires can't have all that much to say to me about my life.
  17. With hindsight I think that Amok is a very unremarkable album, one that won't stand the test of time.
  18. The last half decent thing he was in was Men In Black.
  19. Are working class people betraying themselves by listening to Radiohead? Are well-educated student types such as those who comprise Radiohead appropriate listening for the lower orders in society?
  20. Why can't Radiohead fans ever take something for what it is, why must everything be a hint of more to come? Haven't you noticed that it never is? You'd have thought people would have learned their lesson from the TKOL Part 2 debacle.
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