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  1. a wonderful film it's not the expected approach where exposition takes priority over all else, grant gee cares about the form and plays with structure and montage to reflect the emotive states of whats taking place. it's a great example of the potential of documentaries. if anyone particularly likes the style of this they should check out chris marker and 'sans soleil'
  2. yes, agreed. has this heartbreaking delicacy to it. like it could shatter at any moment this album as a whole is quite lyrically direct, or rather, open. like thom has broken down some walls of abstraction
  3. that's fair re: what i said about thom, i am generalising interesting comments
  4. ASMP does have a distinct vibe to it that im still trying to put my finger on i don't think anyone was being serious with the mellowing rockers approaching 50 sentiment, tho it can feel like that if you aren't paying attention it more has the sound, to me, of somewhat giving up, but in a contented way it's not stagnation, or running out of ideas but more to do w accepting the transience of things. i mean youve got this enormous spectre of climate change, that is effectively impenetrable in terms of individual solutions. its the perfect ultimate boss in the final dungeon that you can never beat, especially as an anxious or pessimistic person. (again i dont think the whole record is about this, but its a good example) so much of thoms defining contribution to the band has been that agitated anxious energy and fierce rejection of the state of the world here that is mostly gone, or at least muted. maybe my initial analogy was inacurrate. at first it reminded me so much of that feeling when you just can't fucking get out of bed cos there is so much shit to worry about, and you are paralysed by it so you just pull the covers over and go back to sleep. now, it seems more akin to sitting on a bench in a park and going, "ok". then watching the trees haha
  5. i think this and the discussion afterwards got away from the point of my post, which was largely about my emotional relationship with the album i wasn't making any grand statements about what ASMP is officially about. clearly it's a mixture of projection and artistic intention. not an exact science i see a lot of climate change in ASMP. because i think a lot about climate change k?
  6. yes. i am fond of HTTP, it's all over the place and at times they get close to falling into self parody (with interesting results) but again I like when albums aren't to type. i can't think of the production from the top of my head as i haven't heard it in a while. but the 10 track perfection of kid a / IR isn't really for me re: ASMP it's hard to listen to an album so overtly about climate change because that shit affects me so much on a day to day level. so i have the most respect for thom yorke being able to channel that grief and trauma somehow and not just completely crumble. i really relate to that a lot it's not like I think the album should be any different from what it is either. it reflects an important emotional state in a profound way and is so fucking accomplished. but I can't really sit through it cos i can genuinely feel myself sinking as i listen i've not read any of this thread so i'm likely reiterating what has been said but, true love waits is just..lie me on the ground and leave me to rot..crushing
  7. it's a case of losing the energy by going acoustic I think. open pick was so fierce when it was electric. same with 15 step which was a total dance jam i know it's slop to bring up a live recording from 2006 but it's fun to go back and listen to the old versions ultimately they went for a warmer and more acoustic sound for record, so it didn't fit i gwuess
  8. i meant moreso the production and intepretation of the material IR was the only time I've been close to the songs prior to the studio recordings, having seen the band live in 2006. i feel like they really lost the magic in a lot of them. 15 step, open pick and bodysnatchers are all poor takes of the material in my opinion. the album has the sound of a struggled and strained creative process, and most of it came out overcooked because of that TKOL just kicks ass. it doesn't have the trappings or baggage of trying to be the 'perfect' record like IR, it's their most liberatingly subversive move next to kid a, even moreso in that it forgoes the grandiose closing track and doesn't bother to reach 10 songs. i like that kind of formal experimentation. it's just a band making great music and forgetting their reputation, free from the pressure of having to make any kind of musical statement. the fervour and discourse around radiohead in the press is normally a load of shite and it must be harding dealing with all that noise when you're actually trying to make stuff anyway, my current fav on AMSP is present tense. never heard the track before (i've learnt my lesson) and find it v affecting
  9. as a big fan of TKOL i think this is their weakest post bends album i like the somewhat minimal approach and it's very accomplished but largely they sound like a really depressed band. and by that i mean lethargic, apathetic and kind of lost also i'm not on a "THIS ISN'T MY RADIOHEAD-snork" bender either cos they can do whatever the fuck they want, that's half of what makes them good they are an incredibly accomplished act and that remains evident here. but yeah i am just not on these tracks mostly. i am usually hot on cold on godrich, i think TKOL is genius but IR was a hot mess. this is the least texturally interesting LP from them in a while. it is so homogenous throughout
  10. snap can i have ur qr code for tomodachi life?

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  11. so they announced it..... and didn't drop it overnight.... i c....
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