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  1. b-sides https://disintegratingnoise.bandcamp.com/album/it-doesnt-always-work-out-b-sides
  2. Surprise I actually just dropped a whole album: https://disintegratingnoise.bandcamp.com/album/it-always-works-out-in-the-end
  3. Few new tracks recently: https://soundcloud.com/disintegrating-noise/it-always-works-out-in-the-end https://soundcloud.com/disintegrating-noise/some-things-that-dont-mean-much-to-me-anymore https://soundcloud.com/disintegrating-noise/an-interlude-for-the-anxious-mind-and-the-troubled-soul
  4. Hey thanks Rose Glad you liked my stuff! On the book Bleak House, well I've never actually read it haha... just the opening which I love, which is probably why I used it as a title but I don't really remember.
  5. i wrote another song and also I have a new soundcloud where Im switching things up ever so slightly https://soundcloud.com/disintegrating-noise/emptiness-again
  6. thanks guys the title track is maybe my favorite song i've written
  7. Listening right now, really digging it TJ.
  8. And here it is: https://thelakeatnight.bandcamp.com/album/bleak-house
  9. Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it. In other news, I'm about to drop another album, of like.. actual non ambient music this time. Been working hard the past couple days on it. I'll link it here tonight when I release it.
  10. I released another ambient album. https://sketchesofautumn.bandcamp.com/album/fading-echo Inspired by The Disintegration Loops, they're just decaying 5 second or so loops stretched out. I find them very relaxing.
  11. hey i wrote another song about being sad and my friend is on it too its okay https://soundcloud.com/the-lake-at-night/11212016-no-sleep-no-dreams
  12. G l a s s E y e s but also True Love Waits
  13. Thanks I released an album on bandcamp the other day. It's ethereal, droney, ambient type stuff if anyone's into that. https://sketchesofautumn.bandcamp.com/releases
  14. https://soundcloud.com/the-lake-at-night/styling-your-hair Finished this one up this morning, I dig it. Little sloppy in a couple parts but I don't mind it.
  15. I find it amusing that a lot of the complaints I've seen everywhere (which are a small minority admittedly) are the reasons why this is becoming a favorite of mine. -it's too subtle -Thom doesn't let loose enough -it's too ambient -where's the bleep bloops -too much strings -too many ballads the mastering I'll admit isn't amazing though, that's a pretty valid complaint but not really a huge concern for me when the songwriting is so stellar
  16. Cover art Kid A > OK C > IR > AMSP > Amensiac > Tkol > Bends > HTTT > PH
  17. True love waits is like an 11/10 for me. I think its probably the best rh closer. Maybe even by a long shot
  18. Couldn't agree more. Came to the same conclusion after my listen this morning.
  19. This is almost exactly how I'd rank them right now. Maybe swapping In Rainbows and Kid A depending on the day.
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