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  1. This is my post after six years here. I still can not believe i was 18 when i first posted here, i kinda feeling nostalgic.. anyway time flies, things change but happy to see this forum still alive. They performed The Wolf At The Door last night, after six years!! isn't that great ?!
  2. Pablo Honey:Creep,Lurgee The Bends:Street Spirit,Sulk Ok Computer:Paranoid Android,Electioneering KidA:The National Anthem,In Limbo Amnesiac:I Might Be Wrong,Morning Bell (Amnesiac) Hail To The Thief:Where I End and You Begin,Myxomatosis In Rainbows:Nude,Bangers and Mash TKOL:Lotus Flowers,Morning Mr Magpie.
  3. Laurat here and im 18. Big ideas don't get any and creep were two first songs that i've heard and then got more into radiohead,since then im big fan of these 5 men's music,however The national anthem still remains my favourite song..
  4. kidA IN_RAINBOW/S OK Computer Amnesiac Hail to the thief The Bends The King Of Limbs Pablo Honey
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