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  1. It's not about taking it too seriously it's about there not being anything for this place to offer
  2. I think there are a whole bunch of reasons people don't come here. Message boards are old hat, there's loads of spam, the board is slow and outdated, and GRT is an incredibly hostile point of entry
  4. Flow chart: Is it music? - No - It's not adult contemporary - Yes | Does it sound like Radiohead? - No - It's not adult contemporary - Yes - It's probably adult contemporary
  5. when I googled it, Radiohead were in the results
  6. I'd say Radiohead have entered the world of adult contemporary pretty easily since In Rainbows, it suits them
  7. Mugsy you know it's okay for people to be disappointed right? There's no need to be a twat about it. That said I never liked Lift until I heard this version, which I love
  8. I've mixed feelings on MB/A's placement coz I'm inclined to agree but I do really love it and think it works well
  9. All the instruments on Amnesiac sound like the instrument they are, where a lot of the time on Kid A it's kinda hard to tell what you're listening to. Everything sounds so much spikier and tenser where Kid A sounds almost muffled
  10. The Kid A/Amnesiac double album thing makes me mad. They're the same sessions but super different I don't get it at all.
  11. Oh really? Hmm coz I'd say Kid A is popular, Amnesiac is weird and HTTT is relaxed
  12. I'd say the original three don't fit that mold
  13. I love the recording bits too, like the CUTW vocal take and Jonny's guitar solo in Paranoid Android, and them talking before the 1234 at the start of Polyethylene. It's so weird to get some context for when these songs were made considering how pristine they ended up on the album. It's definitely helped me appreciate OKC in a way I didn't before.
  14. What I love is no-one knew a version of MPS like that existed, I mean I wouldn't go as far as saying it's better than the Kid A version but holy shit it's lovely
  15. So between this reissue and their Glastonbury performance I think I've realised that Let Down might be my actual favourite Radiohead song and maybe song ever
  16. Interesting that it seems like TLW hasn't changed much since OK Computer
  17. Thom's having so much fun with The National Anthem
  18. What really amazes me about this is how new this all is. None of it leaked, and there's some real beautiful stuff in here. The version of Let Down that sounds like a Beatles demo is so good
  19. Man there's bits in this tape that sound like samples used in Pulk
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