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  1. Anyway I'm playing Super Meat Boy and OH MAN does it suit this console. Something about it works so well in handheld
  2. I would've too, but I know my niece would fucking love this
  3. It's for kids and you are not a kid I think is the thing
  4. The value is a non-issue for me. Games are $60, this is $10 more because it comes with materials that have been designed and design has value too. I'm not wild about cardboard as a material but I think this is very cool, and it's nice to see the IR censor used for something inventive
  5. Guys http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/116814-slackapp/page-14&do=findComment&comment=4820490
  6. For the record the second song that was posted was Like Spinning Plates, the implication being that Radiohead stole the idea of having backwards singing.
  7. I dunno how funnyHAHA could read his posts and be happy with the person he is. Such a stereotypical internet angry man.
  8. Yeah, iirc he asked permission to use the sample and was denied so he allegedly recreated it. I dunno what the outcome was
  9. Huh, I didn't know that about Thom. The Lana song is definitely similar, but I don't think it's an intentional ripoff and Radiohead are asking for 100% of the royalties which is total bullshit. LDR offered 40% which sounds fair to me.
  10. Is that bellyofthebeat?
  11. I think it's fine to analyze literally any piece of culture in detail, especially mainstream pop culture because that's the stuff that reaches the most people and reflects or even defines the zeitgeist
  12. I think motion controls have their place. I love using them for fine-tuning my bow and arrow aim in Zelda, and they're fun in ARMS (although traditional controls are better if you actually wanna win fights). Also stuff like WarioWare for the Wii, not to mention Wii Sports, were great fun. Also I liked their use in Heavy Rain QTEs, and using the torch in Tearaway Unfolded felt really immersive as a result of the motion controls. Controller shaking isn't great in Mario but I don't hate it. To me it's just another control a game and they can be good or they can be bad, but on the whole I think gaming is better for the existence of motion controls.
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