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  1. Were any songs on AMSP other than TLW performed live before TKOL? I can't remember when people first heard Present Tense and The Numbers but I'm pretty sure I'd never heard them til after TKOL
  2. Ful Stop and Identikit were debuted after the release of TKOL weren't they? I thought most of the songs were tbh
  3. It's not PC. I don't think anyone is offended, it's just we're also not 13
  4. Helter and FunnyHAHA be like https://youtu.be/2VgHeP8_AHY
  5. I definitely don't think AMSP is a grower, I loved it pretty immediately, although I dunno if I'd call it top tier rather than upper mid tier
  6. It's a pacebreaking track and the electronic voice sounds bad
  7. The early live version was rad but my biggest criticism of AMSP is that songs like Ful Stop and Identikit don't really suit the production style of the album. Identikit is still cool even if it's a mess but Ful Stop sounds so neutered to me, where more ethereal stuff like Glass Eyes and Daydreaming really flourish
  8. Short songs aren't filler, true. I mean Ful Stop is like 6 minutes long and it's filler as fuck
  9. It's just like, super weird for Thom to be writing lyrics about pulling in a club
  10. Imma do Kid A EIIRP - 10/10, Weird and hypnotic and atmospheric, it could be twice as long and I wouldn't get bored Kid A - 10/10, One of the most wonderful pieces of electric music I've heard The National Anthem - Probably one of the most fun Radiohead songs, it's just a riot to listen to HTDC - It still gets me, the sliding string/synth riff is super iconic to me and Thom's vocal performance is perfect Treefingers - Surprisingly listenable and intricate for an ambient interlude Optimistic - Has grown on me more over time, it's funny how it's the most standard rock song on there but it's produced like an electronic song, it's all super bassy In Limbo - I'd be lying if I said I went out of my way to listen to it but I think it sits well on the album as a kinda weird meandering song Idioteque - Kinda novelty dance song but super catchy chorus and generally great lyrics Morning Bell - Love it, but I love the Amnesiac version more maybe Motion Picture Soundtrack - 10/10, Beautiful, great lyrics, great classic Disney harps, I lovelovelove it So yeah best album ever :rejoice:
  11. It's weird reviewing each song like that and being critical when it's one of my favourite albums of all time
  12. That is a fucking stupid opinion Sleepy Jack!!!!
  13. 15 Step - Dope but the drum sound at the start lets it down a little Bodysnatchers - The novelty of a noisy song did wear off eventually but I still dig it Nude - 10/10, just super wonderful Weird Fishes/Arpeggi - Yeah it's great, really holds up, I like the drums and the bassline and the general production a loooootttttt All I Need - Underrated, I adore it Faust ARP - Pretty, and I love the strings. I'd be lying if I didn't forget it exists though. Glass Eyes is better Reckoner - 10/10 perfect House of Cards - I like it a lot but I always forget it exists Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Has grown on me a lot over the years. Bad lyrics really but I dig it Videotape - 10/10, and anyone who prefers the rocky Coldplay live version is a fucking nerd
  14. A poem: You Just Lucky Kid A Life in a Glasshouse Backdrifts Bodysnatchers Bloom True Love Waits
  15. Acid tabs was TKOL, coz it was the midlife crisis album
  16. I am thirteen and I hit puberty about two months ago thanks
  17. Anything that incites a passionate response like this is too good to leave alone
  18. If I say 'they fucked Reckoner' as a joke and everyone takes it seriously why on earth wouldn't I run with it? It's like my third favourite Radiohead song
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