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  1. That had me worried, but he wasn't one of the victims of that, who were all identified
  2. Randy's right, it amazes me that anyone cares about it. Rock and roll as a genre, as opposed to just meaning culturally significant pop music, has been all but irrelevant since the mid 2000s at the latest, depending on how exactly you define it. Honestly it's one of my least favourite terms in all of music because it's so meaningless and is mainly used by dads to explain why music isn't good anymore because not enough people play guitars
  3. The live versions of Videotape are basically Fix You by Coldplay
  4. I dunno man, there's not really anything this site offers that can't be found elsewhere these days. Fan sites and message boards are just kind of obsolete in 2018
  5. You're all wrong about TDM, it's not a retread coz those other songs are all more inventive
  6. It sounds like GTA IV but Red Dead
  7. So far Assassin's Creed is my GOTY and this is a surprise to me
  8. Has anyone played this? Opinions seen pretty wildly mixed, perhaps more wildly than the great west itself
  9. Lol I didn't finish writing 'different'
  10. Cheers dudey! Yeah I didn't intentionally overdrive the vocals, I just recorded it on my phone for posterity and liked it so much I uploaded it. There'll be an album version of it eventually although it may well end up being diffe
  11. Here's a song I improvised and recorded on my phone. I've altered it slightly since then but I'd love to hear your thoughts kefke https://soundcloud.com/thomasjmarchant/empty-balloon-improvised
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    I support this
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