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  1. For the record the second song that was posted was Like Spinning Plates, the implication being that Radiohead stole the idea of having backwards singing.
  2. I dunno how funnyHAHA could read his posts and be happy with the person he is. Such a stereotypical internet angry man.
  3. Yeah, iirc he asked permission to use the sample and was denied so he allegedly recreated it. I dunno what the outcome was
  4. Huh, I didn't know that about Thom. The Lana song is definitely similar, but I don't think it's an intentional ripoff and Radiohead are asking for 100% of the royalties which is total bullshit. LDR offered 40% which sounds fair to me.
  5. Sure is great seeing all the top tier content on mortigitempo dot com
  6. 2003 Earl's Court Gloaming >>>>>>>>>> All Gloaming
  7. There's songs I forget are on disk 2 coz the standard is so high. DITNU, Go Slowly and Up On The Ladder are so so so good
  8. The album version is so much better it's unreal
  9. For a moment I interpreted this as they can be in any order but Videotape is definitely 8th
  10. Reckoner Nude Videotape All I Need Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 15 Step Jigsaw Falling Into Place Faust ARP House of Cards Bodysnatchers
  11. Yeah, plus the crowd clap as if the piano is on the down beat
  12. Yeah I saw that Gnoggi, or something about it being syncopated anyway Scrumch the general jist is that despite the piano line appearing simple, it's actually really hard for Thom to play because the chords are played slightly off the beat, but the studio version of the song doesn't have a beat to play against so it's hard to hear. It's clearer in the early live versions when the drums kick in at the end
  13. No-one was offended! That's what I've been saying this whole time, you were the one who was going on about people being easily offended!
  14. As said a bazillion times, it's not that people are puritans or squeamish about sex, it's that it's juvenile bro talk that I thought MT was generally above
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