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  1. They rejected Spotify at a time when it was becoming the essential place to listen to new music and I think that made them easy to forget about
  2. I know this gets said all the time, but when they announced this the first thought through my mind is they're archiving all their stuff before they officially split
  3. Nice, I'll listen later, I knew it was coming soon but didn't realise it was here yet
  4. I'm surprised how low it is tbh, last decade iirc Kid A was number 1, or at least top ten. Still, happy to see Blonde at number 1 and Rihanna's ANTI and Mitski's Puberty 2 rank highly
  5. I generally agree with this I think. There are definitely songs where the production and arrangement elevate them to that 11 tier for me, like Daydreaming and Glass Eyes, and I think Present Tense is just great anyway. But it's definitely a mood album rather than an album of great songs, and that mood is extremely sad. It doesn't help that it came out at a very difficult point in my life that I'm still not over so going back to it can genuinely be quite painful
  6. I keep forgetting this exists, it didn't really make much of an impression on me I guess, outside of Dawn Chorus (which is a song title we heard hears ago, right?)
  7. Real talk, now that a fair bit of time has passed, how likely are you to choose to listen to AMSP over other RH albums and why? Personally I love AMSP but I don't find it one I go back to often in part coz it ain't as snappy as In Rainbows and in part coz it's a very specific kind of sad I can't often deal with
  8. Yeah AMSP is great I don't think anyone said otherwise
  9. Last few years I've been tryna make a playlist of songs that came out that year to help me keep on top of it, this year's had a lot of great stuff but a lotta stuff I felt like I was putting on there coz I felt like I should. I think you're right about Radiohead, I can see them essentially turning into whatever the hell Pulp are now. It's weird that they've always talked about just making EPs or singles but have never actually embraced that idea fully. I guess they ran the numbers on stuff like Twisted Words and I Want None of This, I dunno, but it feels more appropriate for the kind of b
  10. I respect that a lot Jonathan ♥️
  11. I like it, not sure where I stand on the video tbh but the album is good although I still prefer TMB
  12. Randy's right, it amazes me that anyone cares about it. Rock and roll as a genre, as opposed to just meaning culturally significant pop music, has been all but irrelevant since the mid 2000s at the latest, depending on how exactly you define it. Honestly it's one of my least favourite terms in all of music because it's so meaningless and is mainly used by dads to explain why music isn't good anymore because not enough people play guitars
  13. The live versions of Videotape are basically Fix You by Coldplay
  14. I dunno man, there's not really anything this site offers that can't be found elsewhere these days. Fan sites and message boards are just kind of obsolete in 2018
  15. You're all wrong about TDM, it's not a retread coz those other songs are all more inventive
  16. Lol I didn't finish writing 'different'
  17. Cheers dudey! Yeah I didn't intentionally overdrive the vocals, I just recorded it on my phone for posterity and liked it so much I uploaded it. There'll be an album version of it eventually although it may well end up being diffe
  18. Here's a song I improvised and recorded on my phone. I've altered it slightly since then but I'd love to hear your thoughts kefke https://soundcloud.com/thomasjmarchant/empty-balloon-improvised
  19. That's cool! I'm guessing they squeeze the bottle, bring it to the yolk, then release the bottle so that the vaccuum brings it in?
  20. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a great producer, but I think he's particularly good at interpreting Radiohead's vision
  21. I think his production is fine but it's hard to say he has a style. That said, it's interesting to listen to Beck's The Information and In Rainbows because there's some crossover there. Still, it's weird to me how The Eraser and Amok almost feel unproduced, in a way that I'm not super into (although I do love those albums). Really I think he's someone the band enjoy working with and who gets them, but I don't feel like he has much of a stamp on the albums, they all sound very different to each other and I feel like that's largely a case of the band telling him how they want it to sound and him
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