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  1. Oh yeah a couple of my friends adore that game. In reality my GOTY so far is Dark Souls again
  2. Had to look it up, but I've seen a video about this and it looks great! Don't generally play PC games but maybe I'll play it
  3. MT reboot is basically Toy Story 4
  4. I respect that a lot Jonathan ♥️
  5. Spotify integration 😍
  6. I got a playlist!!
  7. Let's try and breathe some goddamn life into this thing What're y'all GOTYs so far? What do you still wanna play? I think my five fave games so far are: 1. Resident Evil 2 2. Cadence of Hyrule 3. Team Sonic Racing 4. Mortal Kombat 11 5. Sekiro But I still wanna play DMC5, Mario Maker, Baba is You, Ape Out and Katana Zero, plus I'm hyped for Fire Emblem
  8. I suspect I'm never gonna play it
  9. I like it, not sure where I stand on the video tbh but the album is good although I still prefer TMB
  10. I will never be proud of any version of myself tyvm
  12. I was really hoping for a db wipe but I guess no every dramatic moment from my young adult life is gonna be documented forever
  13. just when I think I'm out
  14. Slack's a group messaging thing
  15. That had me worried, but he wasn't one of the victims of that, who were all identified
  16. Randy's right, it amazes me that anyone cares about it. Rock and roll as a genre, as opposed to just meaning culturally significant pop music, has been all but irrelevant since the mid 2000s at the latest, depending on how exactly you define it. Honestly it's one of my least favourite terms in all of music because it's so meaningless and is mainly used by dads to explain why music isn't good anymore because not enough people play guitars
  17. The live versions of Videotape are basically Fix You by Coldplay
  18. I dunno man, there's not really anything this site offers that can't be found elsewhere these days. Fan sites and message boards are just kind of obsolete in 2018
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