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  1. I like Lana, but I definitely wouldn't say it's her songwriting that makes her note worthy, it's her aesthetic and that's especially true for NFR
  2. Possibly posted these in here before but I'll be damned if imma check, these are classics from my youth
  3. This sounds like UK garage to my ears, which is great coz UK garage is great
  4. I don't know much about it, but a guy at work really likes it I've been DEEP in Fire Emblem and I adore it, one of my favourite games this gen I think (which has felt underwhelming but looking back there's a few games I'd rank amongst my favourite ever)
  5. I generally agree with this I think. There are definitely songs where the production and arrangement elevate them to that 11 tier for me, like Daydreaming and Glass Eyes, and I think Present Tense is just great anyway. But it's definitely a mood album rather than an album of great songs, and that mood is extremely sad. It doesn't help that it came out at a very difficult point in my life that I'm still not over so going back to it can genuinely be quite painful
  6. I keep forgetting this exists, it didn't really make much of an impression on me I guess, outside of Dawn Chorus (which is a song title we heard hears ago, right?)
  7. Real talk, now that a fair bit of time has passed, how likely are you to choose to listen to AMSP over other RH albums and why? Personally I love AMSP but I don't find it one I go back to often in part coz it ain't as snappy as In Rainbows and in part coz it's a very specific kind of sad I can't often deal with
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