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  1. The song rules imo, I wasn't expecting them to go in this direction
  2. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/11/18/radiohead-explain-the-story-behind-the-creation-of-its-kid-a-mnesia-exhibition-out-today-on-ps5/
  3. I mean if you have something that can run it, I downloaded it on PS5 with no issues but I know not everyone here will have something that can play games
  4. So the virtual exhibition rules, I'd definitely check it out if you have the means
  5. I don't think they're shit. Worrywort and Fog are amongst my favourite Radiohead songs and there aren't any I wouldn't happily listen to. There was definitely a distinctive vibe to the Amnesiac/HTTT bsides that didn't match the albums but did match each other. I think in some ways it's hard for me to separate the intense nostalgia they give me in general
  6. FTR I'm fine with them releasing the songs, it's just strange in the sense that it feels like a concerted effort has been made to make Kid Amnesiae flow like a proper album, but those two songs break that flow quite dramatically. I guess I'd rather they'd just been singles or something
  7. It's honestly pretty wild. For what was considered such a difficult time they sure were prolific. This'll always be my favourite era of the band as it's the one tbat cemented who the band actually were in my mind. From this point on it felt like the band could do anything and that's what made every album release so exciting
  8. This plays almost like a remix album, it's great. Pretty amazing that the live version of Like Spinning Plates came about in the studio and not after the fact, and I love the version of TLW. My guess is that thematically it didn't fit and so wasn't included, but still. The two "new" songs are easily the lowest point for me here and I almost wish they hadn't been included as the rest of it flows brilliantly
  9. Weirdly I haven't been clamouring for new Radiohead since AMSP. It could be that this forum was a big part of what made me so hyped for new material, but like Penny said, AMSP just feels like a last album too. That said, it almost feels weird how hard they're pushing these reissues, treating them like as big a deal as new albums. It almost has the energy of an old band who got back together but never released new music
  10. Yeah I'm inclined to agree with all of this. I didn't actually notice the vocoder the first time and now listening to it it sounds really silly! I think it's totally fine and good for Radiohead to release these songs even if they are a little weak, and it doesn't bother me that they're making videos for them either. Still, going the archives and releasing everything still feels like the actions if a band that has no intention of releasing actually new material any time soon
  11. So they released Follow Me Around! Pretty surreal to finally hear an official release and it just sounds like Follow Me Around
  12. Cut a Hole and I Froze Up are big ones for me. I always thought Open The Floodgates was pretty weak, lyrically at least
  13. Isn't it a straight rip from the Twitter announcement for Kid A Mnesia?
  14. Not really any more than usual. The big exception is True Love Waits already having an official release, but even then Kid A and Amnesiac both had Morning Bell. Songs like Nude and The National Anthem were written way before they found their place on albums
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