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  1. AMSP is a real weird one for me. It's got one of my least favourite Radiohead songs on it with Identikit, but also has Daydreaming, Decks Dark, Glass Eyes, Present Tense, True Love Waits, etc. It just hasn't stuck with me the way the others have. It's possible that's partly down to feelings attached to the time it came out, 2016 was a particularly dramatic year of my life and AMSP is very tied to all that, so I think I repressed a lot of attachment period
  2. I see what you mean about AMSP being kind of a sad note to leave on, but at the same time it feels like such a 'goodbye' album to me. It's far from my favourite RH album but it fits, I think. I do agree that the sequencing on ALFAA is a bit off, a few too many slow songs compared to fast songs, and that's something Radiohead have always nailed. As for Thom's stuff, I think he's generally gotten better over time. The Eraser and Amok, while great, feel like he's still trying to figure stuff out. I think Tomorrow's Modern Boxes and Anima sound really confident and solid, and I've been obsessed with his Suspiria soundtrack lately, which I intentionally ignored until seeing the film (which is also great)
  3. Considering how long ago AMSP was, I feel like I've been eating well regardless. Yeah, there's The Smile, but Thom's been pretty prolific too, Susperia and Anima have been on pretty constant rotation. Throw in a seemingly steady flow of 20th anniversary releases and there's not much to complain about really. On a more personal level, while I still love Radiohead a lot and listen to them a lot, I feel like the Radiohead era of life has come to a close and that's okay. They meant and mean a lot to me but they've done their job at this point
  4. Also, it's nice to have that and Open The Floodgates see the light of day but where the fuck is I Froze Up goddamnit
  5. Man, I didn't appreciate how good Skrting On The Surface was before. It's absolutely stunning
  6. Cool album, I think it perhaps drags a bit by the end but there's some real bangers on there. Thin Thing fucking rules
  7. Kinda disappointed by The Smoke tbh. Like it's good but it's so... Radiohead as I understand them. The first song blew me away with how unexpected it was, and it was the direction I was hoping they'd go in after In Rainbows but they didn't. The Smoke has some lovely saxophones and stuff which is cool, but the riff and the drums just sounds like it coulda been an AMSP session
  8. The song rules imo, I wasn't expecting them to go in this direction
  9. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/11/18/radiohead-explain-the-story-behind-the-creation-of-its-kid-a-mnesia-exhibition-out-today-on-ps5/
  10. I mean if you have something that can run it, I downloaded it on PS5 with no issues but I know not everyone here will have something that can play games
  11. So the virtual exhibition rules, I'd definitely check it out if you have the means
  12. I don't think they're shit. Worrywort and Fog are amongst my favourite Radiohead songs and there aren't any I wouldn't happily listen to. There was definitely a distinctive vibe to the Amnesiac/HTTT bsides that didn't match the albums but did match each other. I think in some ways it's hard for me to separate the intense nostalgia they give me in general
  13. FTR I'm fine with them releasing the songs, it's just strange in the sense that it feels like a concerted effort has been made to make Kid Amnesiae flow like a proper album, but those two songs break that flow quite dramatically. I guess I'd rather they'd just been singles or something
  14. It's honestly pretty wild. For what was considered such a difficult time they sure were prolific. This'll always be my favourite era of the band as it's the one tbat cemented who the band actually were in my mind. From this point on it felt like the band could do anything and that's what made every album release so exciting
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