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  1. Yeah, I love all of the albums, and In Rainbows is probably my favorite, but I've only been obsessed with Kid A like that.
  2. Once a couple years ago I had an amazing dream. I had gone through a phase where I was only listening to the Kid A album on youtube, and I would often go to the youtube tab to look at the cover art (those mountains). Anyways, my dream took place in those mountains. I can't remember everything that happened in the dream, but I remember it began with me at the top of the mountain, overlooking a blizzard down below. At the top where I was, there were volcano and huge red dragons which flew over the volcanoes. It was hard for me to breath there, I feel like I might've even been holding my breath in real life. So I began snowboarding down the mountain. I came to a clearing in the mountain, it was still cold and blizzardous but there was grass swaying. There was a naked man in the center of the grassy field playing the saw, and singing robotic sounds like from Kid A. It was one of the most beautiful dreams ever. I continued to snowboard down the mountain, and I think I woke up during that time.
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