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  1. I Might Be Wang When you've got to feel it in your boners Gagging Order
  2. right up there with "I'm not living, I'm just killing time"
  4. ^ seems to be a love or hate song around here at the moment it's the opener & closer Airbag and The Tourist
  5. oh man Big Boots vs Lift vs Follow Me Around
  6. whats frustrating is, i know Grant Gee has all this amazing footage that didnt make the film (or was interrupted by noise/cut scenes) of Radiohead live as well as tonnes of stuff from backstage including band member interaction that i would be interested in. someone break into his house thanks
  7. one hit wonder band with creep, nothing more
  8. oh man, just saw this for the first time. hated the way thom talked to jonny near the end ??
  9. I'm not living, I'm just killing time this line....this is the line.
  10. yes i went through a long obsession with this song at one time
  11. you should have gone Clocks on his ass
  12. motion picture soundtrack climbing up the walls how to disappear completely the tourist
  13. and birds go flying at the speed of sound...
  14. you're just like an... and for no apparent reason at all...
  16. they covered Portishead - The Rip at soundcheck??? Thom said it was his fav off the new album, that'd be awesome to hear
  17. what the hell? kill his entire family then tap him on the shoulder and say "oooo ooo oo o"
  18. maybe more b sides further down the tour. i guess CD2 songs count ?
  19. oh christ i didnt even consider that they'd be doing the BDO. knowing karma, this is the only way i'll get to see Radiohead, why does life hate me (although last time they hit aus/nzl they played their own shows)
  20. I Will (Other) i actually prefer the version from the rough Hail to the Thief mix that leaked on the internet before the album was released. its just over 2 minutes long
  21. ^ cool, thank you for that
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