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  1. . . I maybe paranoid but i'm not an android . .
  2. Sail to the moon. End of discussion.
  3. polyethylene 1&2 pearly* cuttooth permanent daylight i don't know
  4. yeah haven't you heard Vivaldi and the detuned violins band?
  5. hrrrmm . . Sophie, what are you up to now ? . . uhmm . . <_< ok damn do you have any pic so i can get myself an idea of how stupid i am for not going over there? you must be hot stuff
  6. i would but first i must get my passport renewal and for that i need about 200 bucks . but . . what if i ilegally crossed the border ? no. . . i better get my passport renew soon . .
  7. i'd rather call those songs crap. but. agree. on that one
  8. i bet your a 91-post newb who's young and just discovered radiohead. i kinda grew up and realize that not all RADIOHEAD compositions are genius (some songs are plain crap (musically speaking)as i said) by the way no. i don't like muse. please have yourself a little overview on the past topics - posts to find out more about other MT members
  9. thanks for the welcome back
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