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  1. thanks for doing that. i was thinking earlier that the backwards line in Daydreaming might refer to how long these dreamers have been trying to raise awareness about all of those global issues with hopes of rallying change. they urged us to Stop Whispering about half of their lives ago now.
  2. i think it IS about that because living in the moment with a lover that now feels lost is way too heavy. don't look at it or it'll hurt like hell. agreed and that second stanza is... no words for those words. he knows what's happening, so he hides, even though hiding won't make it any better. tragic ps. i'll ask her jack-o!
  3. doc, i hadn't ever heard skirting on the surface until now! nice one. with regard to your fucking Cursive rant haha i'd agree that it probably wasn't declared formerly with the band, but given the highly sensitive perfectionist Thom is, it's likely that he was difficult to be in a relationship with and regardless if their demise had major implications on his artistry, Present Tense could easily be about him escaping in projects, but ultimately knowing that the distance was killing the intimacy that they once had and is now lost. that could also be a bullshit theory, but speculation is what it's all about. sorta like my theory that the penny drop line is about the time penny took a break from mt.
  4. yeah The National toured with Kronos quartet and LCO is a six-piece, so it's certainly possible. like i said, it would be a big endeavor whether uprooting those particular lives to support a tour and/or to plug in local musicians to fill gaps on the road. edit: because it's not something they'd fill callously even though that's done all the time
  5. whoa you're going? niiiice. i've got a few pointers about that fest we should tawk soon i can't imagine them not having a live orchestra. might be why so few dates in the states have been announced? flying musicians around would be an enormous endeavor and it might just be taking time to arrange regional musicians for the cities they'll be in (hoping)
  6. thanks, tj! today my 15.5 y/o daughter showed me where the distorted start of Daydreaming is exactly like a sound effect on super mario bros when some blue thing is engaged in the sky and i felt really gratified that i'd bred another proper fan.
  7. fun reading the first 15 pages of this thread and the last several (apologies to the other 70). my friend on fb asked for my amateur critic fanman review, so figured i'd share it here too. hello mt/ When Burn the Witch opened, I had watched the video a few days prior, so it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it (wish I’d waited, I guess?), but the quick pace of strings in contrast to Colin's bass and Thom's vocals was a perfect set-up for the eventual, long, high octave, trademark croon that felt terrifically familiar, but also brand new. The excitement of opening a present that I'm pretty sure I'll dig a lot. This time the strings at the end really rattled me, though. Background noise and spacey tones, their traditional sounds drew comfort at what was likely ahead, but those violins definitely left me unsettled like a scene from Psycho. I’d also seen the video for Daydreaming (Track 2) as it was released the day prior; the anxiousness was building higher now seeing Thom open all those unsatisfying doors, but I was surprised at how beautiful the whole thing sounded this time. How they happily float these twinkling melodies and simultaneously grey cloud a looming force is beyond me. More piano and more strings and the layers of effects and vocals overflowing over and under each other... amazing. Third song is Decks Dark, which was an immediate click. It's just so them and I felt even more comforted and smiled thinking, “goddamn i love this band” with again.. the many layers, familiarity, so well produced, yet unique and all new. Fell particularly in love at 3:23 for the remainder, I’ve since found myself totally overwhelmed and immersed in this stretch. Generally, when by Track 3 on an album if I'm grabbed like this, I’m hopeful for getting hooked all the way through. So it goes, the rest of it fell into place and still does. Caught my breath with the ballads, lost it again with string arrangements, effects, bass lines, guitar hooks and those one-of-a-kind vocals - all of the layers. Their layers. But I tell ya, at the end of it, particularly when finally looking up lyrics, the feeling is... quite desperate. Through all of the piano work, strings, builds, nuances unique to them, choir, hisses, overlays, samples, bleeps and blops (this is a listening album, by the way, which possibly won’t win a bunch of new fans, but older ones will admire), there's not much hope or "attention! warning!" offered, but more like sheer resignation. No lotus flowers growing, much less dancing. It’s dark. Resigned. Settled. Beautifully tragic. In fact, the closer, being one of my (everyone's) favorite acoustic live solos from 20 years ago, is perfectly enhanced, finally recorded in the studio, reformatted to fit Thom’s personal life and romantic demise, really making it something of a classic bittersweet heartbreak song for both him and the end of the record. Throw in a dash of defeat over political corruption and a cup of growing environmental decline and you have one heavy beast of desperation. The lyric, Efil ym fo flaH, was discovered once someone told me to look up backwards on Daydreaming (Nwolb dniM). Predictably, the album morphed again once I sat and actually read all of the lyrics while piping through headphones. It continues to unfold with every turn and solidifies those initial feelings of unsettled anxiety becoming settled despair all intertwined with this massive production of gorgeous sonorous glory. I am so grateful to have grown old with them and am in complete awe at how they've continued to deliver such beauty over and over again.
  8. birthday gig too? must have been intense, indeed! good to see you, smwatson. 26/24 songs. all incredible. i like how halfway through a radiohead set, you have time to realize that you're experiencing something unlike any other. mouth agape. mind blown. still a dozen of your favorites on deck. that's the best. fanny foodcourt, i remember now. gigs thread is still alive, i see. and since going to a concert and being there, in the moment, living a communal hour or so that still can't be captured on a device; one of the last remaining thrills in the world, i'm not surprised at your vicarious enjoyment. now that we're back on track, i should mention one of my other BEST LIVE EXPERIENCES in 2006; a berkeley set when they were trying out IR songs. i'll never forget mt workhorses building GOD.rar. doc and big piro and and and whoever else putting together the best of the boots. that was so fun. i caught this one: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/radiohead/2006/greek-theatre-berkeley-ca-7bd6f23c.html pretty sure one of those, maybe weird fishes/arpeggi was part of the best of. no matter, that venue is undoubtedly my favorite place to see a show. this is of another band, but is a good capture of the space. i remember waking up the next morning and feeling like, i can't believe they're playing another different set again tonight out there and i can't go! /spoiled
  9. yeah i haven't posted in quite some time. kid a's bday seemed like a good time to revisit mt. shortly afterwards this deal happened with my buddy and i figured it was too encompassing not to share. i recognize your signature, but your display name must have changed. i can't seem to place. hello anyway!
  10. thank you, rose! a good reminder to appreciate life. hope all is well with yours =)
  11. thank you, jack. great contributions - that fieldday fest set list... phew wow glad you got to experience on good days and to improve not so good ones!
  12. A month ago, when Kid A turned 15, I sent a text to my buddy to remind him to revisit it. He needed distractions, since he'd been fighting liver cancer for most of the year. We thought he was winning the battle, actually. He replied that he would soon, but was in the hospital trying to control chronic nausea that had sidelined him for several days. Unfortunately, they discovered the cancer had metastasized to his brain, hence the nausea. His funeral is this coming Saturday. In 2008, this friend and I drove 7 hours to Santa Barbara to see Radiohead's last night of the In Rainbows tour. I've been fortunate to see them live several times, but this show is the most special to me now. Amazing how much this band has been part of my life and the lives of my friends in such an impactful way for so long. So grateful to/for them, I can't even tell you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZPyduzPaI8 That's just one set out of lord knows how many. Figured it thread worthy.
  13. lifer


    ggreen supporting !!! in sacramento (by headliner request) !!! prettaay ggood !!!
  14. ha! fuck that's awesome (insert karma police joke)
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