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  1. I am not crazy about a lot of those live either. In most cases LOVE the songs, just not live. That said, I kind of think the band knows TLW doesn't work live the same way. They only played it at 3 shows in 2016 and none in 2017, if memory serves.
  2. My dislike for 'Just' is pretty unpopular. Acoustic MPS is better than studio version. 'Sulk' isn't bad. I agree that Thom needs a haircut and a shave, but at the end of the day, that hardly matters. I also agree with who said the horn section kind of ruins TNA- but then, I am just not into horns or jazz for the most part. Though I LOVE LiaGH, so...yeah.
  3. This might be better suited to the Live Talk board, in which case I apologize, but since that seems to be mostly about tickets and setlists, it didn't seem like it fit. A mod will move it if need be, I suppose. Anyway, I've been updating my live recordings and wanted people's thoughts as to the best available live recording (in terms of recording quality and the performance itself) of some specific tunes, which then lead me to wonder about thoughts on all of the albums. In any case, I will just ask about the specific songs I'm wondering about, but I am curious to hear anyone's recommendations for other songs as well, if there's a particular recording you want to mention. I'd like to know people's opinions on the best live recordings of: Exit Music Lotus Flower Burn the Witch Reckoner Arpeggi Seperator Ful Stop 15 Step Nude Present Tense
  4. Ooh! Thank you! This will help a great deal. I imagine I can get most of the stuff I'm looking for there.
  5. It's been awhile since I spent much time on these boards, but I am in a bit of a Radiohead mood at the moment and thought I'd come see about adding some more live boots to my collection, as I like to have a decent live version of every album track, if possible, and have yet to bother with collecting anything from KoL or AMSP. Now the forum looks a lot different than when I was last here and it seems like the Upload and Share section is pretty inactive, so...is there somewhere else that would make more sense to make these requests? Or is it just comparatively dead now? In any case, looking for decent sounding mp3 files of all of KoL and AMSP live, as well as wondering about the following: *Is there a better recording of the Thom and Jonny Koko performance from back whenever that was. 2006, maybe? Or is there just the one bootleg of that out there, in which case I've got it. *A good live recordings from the current tour of 'Let Down', 'Twisted Words', and 'I Promise'. *Amazing Sounds of Orgy and The Daily Mail from 2012 or 2016. *Supercollider and The Butcher (not sure if the latter has been played live?) *Is there video of Glastonbury 2017 like there was in 1997 and 2003? *Full setlist, both nights from Le Trianon 12/4/15 and 12/5/15 Again, apologies if there is somewhere better to post this now. It doesn't seem like there is any activity on the board, but I don't know where else makes sense.
  6. This is me regarding Wake Me. Unless opinions on that have changed of late. I've been MIA on the boards for some time, so need to catch up on things...
  7. Maybe we'll get L10 sooner than usual because it was all recorded already and it will be like the Amnesiac to AMSP's Kid A? One can hope...
  8. I don't know that it's him reading it or that he's the Fitter Happier voice. I mean, could well be, but I honestly took this to mean he wrote what was being read in the Bid Bird story. More importantly, I trust someone out there has the skills to cut some of these songs out into individual tracks? And then upload them for the rest of us? The whole thing is cool, but I'm going to need to listen to that MPS and Let Down a lot more and don't need to be fast-forwarding to get to them every time. I'm a sucker for bare-bones and acoustic versions of things. And I'm one of those few that liked the acoustic MPS better than the album version already (treason, I know, but the organ/harps thing is just not my thing, which sucks because lyrically, I think MPS is one of the very best). Off to listen to Side B now...
  9. Looking for a fellow fan to enjoy the show with. 200 level. $90. My only request is that you are over 18. And not a creep or a weirdo. You should belong there.
  10. I may have a Portland ticket for sale. It will be in the 200s though, so not the best, but not the worst either. Anyone potentially interested in going to the PDX show with me (I'm still working on some IRL friends, but it's not looking like anyone is going to shell out the $100 it costs), send me a PM.
  11. Mine arrived and is in perfect shape. Sucks so many are having issues though. So it sounds like there is no way to know what is on the tape, correct? Doesn't matter, but I was just curious.
  12. Thom *really* needs a hair cut. His hair is just too thin to pull off the long hair. I doubt he gives a fuck, but he'd look much better if he cut it, in my opinion. But then, can't say as I care about his appearance all that much. Especially with a new album dropping tomorrow <3
  13. Unpopular opinion... I didn't read past page 1, so don't know if someone else already said this, but... 'Just' blows. Mostly lyrically, but that's important enough for me that it's my least fave song on The Bends as a result. I also second Thom needing a haircut. He looked his best back in the early 2000s, imo. Now his hair always looks flat and greasy.
  14. Been MIA awhile... looks like there hasn't been much in the way of news here, huh?
  15. This may have been discussed before, but I haven't been around in awhile and I've been hearing this Coldplay song on the radio a bit lately. I just wanted to know if it reminds anyone else of 'How I Made My Millions?' Everytime I hear it, that's what I think of. Really wasn't sure if this belonged here or in Other Music, so apologies if it ought to go there.
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