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  1. 1. kid a 2. okc 3. in rainbows 4. the bends 5. king of limbs / hail to the thief 6. amnesiac 7. pablo honey extremely difficult to make. i think the first four are established classics, but also that king of limbs and hail to the thief are likely their most distinctive albums, and sometimes my favorites for different reasons. king of limbs is certainly their most immersive one, and hail to the thief is lively, frequently positive, and has a range of songs unmatched by the others. amnesiac is still excellent but feels outside the other albums for some reason. the only thing i know for sure is that pablo honey is last on the list.
  2. 1. a wolf at the door. 2. house of cards. 3. the amazing sounds of orgy. 4. everything in it's right place. 5. let down. 6. ripcord. 7. bulletproof. 8. meeting in the aisle. 9. 2+2=5. 10. in limbo. 11. reckoner. 12. harry patch.
  3. i loved in rainbows more when it came out than tkol, infinitely more, and yet i've probably spent more time with tkol. and now that i've listened to tkol, it's actually quite difficult to listen to in rainbows. what the hell is wrong with me?
  4. cavern club, liverpool: long associated with the beatles ----> hail to the thief?
  5. heya, i wasn't necessarily making a point. i just thought there were a lot of interesting connections between the passage and the album. reality's inevitable. longing continues. you can read into it what you like.
  6. A 2400 year-old story from Plato told by way of Aristophanes. "Once upon a time, people were not born seperately from each other. They were born entwined, kind of coupled with each other. There were boys attached to boys, girls attached to girls and, of course, boys and girls together in a wonderfully intimate ball. We had eight limbs. There were four on top, four on the bottom, and you didn't have to walk if you didn't want to. You could roll, and roll we did. We rolled backwards and we rolled forwards, achieving fantastic speeds that gave us a kind of courage. The courage swelled to pride. The pride became arrogance. Then we decided that we were greater than the gods and we tried to roll up to heaven and take over heaven. The gods alarm struck back. Zeus in his fury hurled down lightning bolts and strucked everyone in two, into perfect halves. All of a sudden, couples who had been warm and tight and wedged together were now detached and alone and lost and desperate and losing the will to live. The gods seeing what they had done, worried that humans might not survive or even multiply again. Of course, they needed humans to make sacrifices and pay attention to them, so the gods decided on a few repairs. Instead of heads facing backwards or out, they would rotate our heads back forward. They pulled our skin taut and knotted it at the belly button. Genetalia was moved to the front, so if we wanted to we could. Most important, they left us with a memory. It was a longing for that original other half of ourselves --the boy or the girl who used to make us whole. That longing is still so deep in all of us, men for men, women for women, men for women, for each other, that it has been in humans to travel the world, looking for our other half. When one of us meets another, we recognize each other right away. We just know this. We're lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy. We won't get out of each other's sight even for a moment. These are people who pass their whole lives together. If you ask them, they could not explain what they desire of each other. They just do."
  7. just kidding. it's actually kind of nice to see him relegated to the bleachers, adding drums here and there and gently touching his laptop down where it counts. bring that man down to size! plus, it makes ed look like he's doing something. like those cool little blasts in bloom live. yes! yes! go ed o'brien!
  8. the connection between radiohead's latest phase: dubstep, but really at its heart dance-music, and the idea of literal/metaphorical forests is actually genius, and i don't care what anyone says. consistent, repetitive beats with new streams of instruments that bloom from ear to ear, it's the perfect way to give sound to being lost in a dense, thick world, consistent in one sense, yet teeming with shadows.
  9. you know, with the king of limbs, i know that i get the album, i understand the concept, but i can never put that concept into actual words, i can't put my finger on it. but tonight, watching the bloom live video, i understand the connection between the band being "in transit" and the album as being a live dream record, the experience of falling down the wormhole and exploring the lush world of forests, hidden ghosts and spirits, and the purity of nature which may or may not exist in reality anymore. the music is the experience of an individual - and the band - briefly passing through, in images and in sound. the album's about hope. because when everything's dying or already gone, what we hang onto, no matter what, is the dream. and to achieve this, the music must be mysterious yet lively, should have two split halves, and should also be short. and to these ends, the king of limbs is a massive success.
  10. fuck you and your "cool" it's great. just annoyed i can't get a livefeed of this.
  11. wait, staircase wouldn't have worked on tkol? i think thematically it very much fits.
  12. such an interesting song. if you don't watch the video and just listen, the percussion sounds like skittering beats, almost programmed. it wouldn't surprise me at all if 90% of tkol was recorded by live musicians. or even all of it. an electronic album that's also organic. i like it.
  13. wonderful song. i'd love to hear this released. and seconded with the album closer. this would have given seperator a good run for its money. they're playing as a single unit. that's the radiohead trajectory, always been.
  14. my cat's breath smells like cat food
  15. hey guys. got my download legally, of course, and was searching for a nice vinyl rip of the new record. could anyone point me towards a good link? thanks in advance.
  16. this is incredible: 1. bloom 2. these are my twisted words 3. little by little 4. feral 5. the butcher 6. lotus flower 7. codex 8. give up the ghost 9. seperator what a difference getting rid of that shit magpie song makes! and it's 42:59, just perfect i think.
  17. apart from the mean-spiritedness of the article, i think it's fair to say that there are some good points in there - particularly with playing v-festival 5 years after the no-logo/kid a tour and the overall effectiveness/lack of information of the in rainbows pay as you want business model, and what precedent it sets for younger bands. i love radiohead, but a lot of this stuff is fair i think. and who knows? i like radiohead when they're under the gun, and they deserve a good kick in the ass every now and then. and some of it is deserved.
  18. that this is radiohead's last album? disappearing completely...just before the limbs fully grow. i wouldn't like it, but to pack up, in silence, and go back to living their lives while we all wait in anticipation... i kinda think it's genius to be honest, if it were true.
  19. this is really the most important question here i theennk
  20. ra ra ra rah ra! http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/feb/24/radiohead-king-limbs-review
  21. that lunar phase stuff makes a good deal of sense. crazy!
  22. is it just me or depending on where you place the beat the guitars sound absolutely different? like...you can see them as chugging along quite quickly, or alternatively, almost a slow dirge, depending on how much you concentrate on the second guitar on the right channel and the beat it goes with. this is amazin.
  23. give it some time. i get a lot of the feelings you just described when i listened it initially, but they have literally vanished for me during the last 24 hours. this is really an album which benefits from several listens. for me, after awhile, they erased my memory of thom's live recordings. if you can dissociate them from your mind, you might just find something in this batch of songs as they stand on their own. i think this is the furthest thing from a sterilized and cold album. warm, dreamy, beautiful, and moving (literally)...try to take the journey with it. it's a soundtrack to something; it just depends on what you fill it with.
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