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  1. absolutely beautiful reminds me of open the floodgates and theres even a little last flowers in there
  2. i can wait for proper eraser and skip divideds, theyre not going anywhere but i hope at somepoint down the line we get a good reverse running all im really worried about jje would be nice as well
  3. couldnt find any links or torrents even might have to chuck out $20 if u dnt want to wait
  4. pretty sure they did multiple takes for all those songs to get them right so the idea that tkolftb is somehow wank is ridiculous hha if anything its nice to have alternate live versions of these songs
  5. my only complaint about ftb is mmm and i wish thom put a little more care into his delivery in stairvcase
  6. mmm is better on the tour i actually prefer the ftb lbl over the studio version though the tempo works for me
  7. jus listened to roundhouse 25th audio and then put on tkol from the basement cd good stuff maynard
  8. there is one more night that was streamed by soundhalo no one has posted it yet
  9. this was live an so were a few of the rh streams last year, they werent recorded professionally last yr pretty sure they were audience recordings so yeah pretty big difference there, this was proshot/recorded yeah i dnt really like the way thom sang it rained all night on the 25th hha
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