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  1. After giving this a handful of listens, I'm giving AMSP 4.5/5. For me, it's a lot like HTTT. They didn't have a new sound to debut, but they had a couple of great songs in the can, along with quite a few good ones. Plus they're Radiohead, so they're still going to experiment a bit. That said, HTTF was much more exciting when it came out, because it fit in so well with the charged political climate. This one should age better, though. This album also made me want to listen to the live piano version of "Bloom" again, and for good reason. I can see a real link to how Thom approaches his solo gigs and the approach on AMSP. The way he layers stuff live by himself really informed the songs on this album. We saw how that technique influenced the last album too, especially with "Give Up The Ghost." But yeah, the piano ambiance on the solo piano "Bloom" really points the way to some of the songs on AMSP. And if you stripped "Desert Island Disk" back down to the kick drum and guitar, it's almost exactly how Thom would play it live by himself. The band mostly adds ambiance and almost Radiohead-by-numbers bass and drums to the latter. The question is... was it a good idea for Radiohead to constrain themselves in this way? With a song like "Daydreaming," the intimate feeling absolutely adds to the material. That said, I wouldn't have minded one of either "The Present Tense," "Desert Island Disc" or "The Numbers" getting a more surprising treatment. Another driving song like "Ful Stop" could've varied the flow nicely, too. Again... very good album. But not quite 5/5.
  2. Yo, you read his interviews? He's got an ego. Nothing wrong with that. It's just the truth. I mean, Radiohead doesn't owe us anything.
  3. You could be right. But I doubt Radiohead's other members really want to go this long without an album. They've become culturally irrelevant. Listening to "In Bloom" vs. "A Brain In A Bottle"... God, Thom's music is much better when he produces it with a real, live, collaborative band. He does some good stuff solo, but he doesn't really stand out from the pack. But I feel like he doesn't really enjoy collaborating that much. To him, it's like medicine. He knows it's good for him, but it tastes bad. I could be way off, of course. This is all conjecture.
  4. Dang. Half a decade since the last Radiohead album. I think Thom secretly wishes he had a successful solo career. I feel like the only reason we might get a new Radiohead album is because nobody cared about Tomorrow's Modern Boxes.
  5. The problem with King of Limbs is that it was a near perfect album put together by MUSICAL GENIUSES. It can be hard to get your head around, because their craft is so advanced. When you combine the pop and indie electronic sensibilities of Thom with Johnny's world class classical composition skills -plus all the virtuoso touches the other members toss in - the result is almost unholy good. There's nothing else like Radiohead in the world. I mean, that instrumental crescendo/bridge in "Bloom"... that's better than most bands' entire catalogs IMO. And mind you, this is coming from someone that became a fan around Kid A's released and loved in In Rainbows. See, what I've really come to appreciate about Radiohead is that they're a band you can grow with. They have no conceptual ceilings, and they seem able to find inspiration from nearly any genre of music. And at the core of it all, you always have Thom's supreme melodic sensibilities.
  6. I don't get what the big deal is. People get so worked up over anyone having opinions in interviews that aren't overwhelmingly positive. And then we complain when we get canned responses. How you could enjoy listening to Radiohead and then be shocked when Thom doesn't like Youtube ads or Spotify... it's just mind-boggling to me. His personality is baked into his art.
  7. For me, the production is the best part of TKOL. That album has some of the best uses of the full stereo field I've ever heard. The live versions are fun, but those takes sound 2D compared to TKOL. I love stuff like the breathing during "Magpie" during the bridge, with the bass drum that does a heartbeat pattern. It's genius. You feel like you're running away from the magpie. That bridge should get put into a museum IMO. TKOL is a very visual, synesthetic album. I think it'll be redeemed more and more as time goes on. And I don't think it sounds like a Thom solo album. If you listen to Thom's solo work, you can hear how the group's various talents took TKOL to the next level. Jonny's arranging and the various instrumental expertises of the group are in clear play all throughout the album. That climax during "Bloom"... if you don't climax also, you're inhuman. The strings, horns, and other instruments create this brilliant cacophony of sounds, and you can't tell if there are animal sound effects or it's just the instruments. Incredible attention to detail. TKOL is Radiohead's Pet Sounds.
  8. Radiohead is a Thom Yorke solo album with Johnny Greenwood assisting on arrangements and the rest of the group forcing Thom from falling into predictable patterns with his drums, bass parts, and etc. Thom's like I'm gonna do my bass thing on the computer like always and then Colin busts out his bass and is like, "Wait, what if we did something awesome like this?" That's why we need a new Radiohead album. But then Thom's like, "Woah, y'all got way too many ideas that aren't mine. Let's break for 6 months. Or a year. And I'll tack on another month each time you call or e-mail me with an idea!" And then when they finally get together Thom grabs Christina Aguilera's old producer or something to try and break the band out of their habits of adding too many of their ideas to his songs. It sounds crappy so they break for another 6 months before calling Nigel again. That's why the albums take so long.
  9. Oh look, every armchair psychologist is out calling another person with a little social awkwardness autistic. If someone is autistic, trust me, you'll know. An autistic person couldn't be up on stage fronting the way Thom does. It's just not possible, and I doubt Thom would enjoy the allegations much. I think it's hard, sometimes, after you've spent all your time reflecting on your art and taking in the creative works of others, to finally have to go back to the "real world". When you really dig into your own mental world and elevate yourself philosophically/spiritually, it can be hard to transition yourself back into the everyday frivolousness of the 21st century. That might sound snobby or full of it, but I think it's true.
  10. It's also a sly reference to swingers parties known as "key" parties, where all the men put their keys in a bowl, and then the women there randomly grab a key out of the bowl to see who they'll sleep with.
  11. Fascinating. But look at the context provided by the Rolling Stone article: "The King of Limbs is Yorke's student-DJ dream come true: rock fundamentals wholly transformed by electronics. The drum, bass, and guitar parts are all samples, individually played by the members of Radiohead, then manipulated, looped, and layered into tracks shaped by Yorke's reverie-like melodies and haiku-style lyrics. "Lotus Flower," "Codex" and "Give Up the Ghost" hover and throb more like suggestions than songs, exotic murmurs in no hurry to become declarative statements. "I can see why it alienated people," Yorke says now of the album. "I didn't realize it was its own planet." What amazes me is that you think everybody else is wrong and you're right. Also, assuming you weren't living under a rock when the album was released, it was fairly obvious that The King of Limbs alienated a lot of people. There is no album quite like it. Radiohead took rock solid, classic pop/rock songs that were mostly conceived in a sort of a Neil Young vain (listen to the early live versions) and married them perfectly to contemporary underground electronic music trends. What other group does exactly that, today? With the other bands that try to do that, either the actual underlying songwriting isn't too hot, or they don't really understand modern electronic music beyond how to use some digital drums and synths. Radiohead could essentially be either U2 or Aphex Twin, if they wanted to - meanwhile, U2 could never be Aphex Twin, and Aphex Twin sure as hell couldn't be U2.
  12. thanks, now that you shared this musics with me radiohead is my 3rd musicians. #1 is still without a doubt sonic team sonic adventure soundtracks, within just a few years they made 150 song, way more than radioheads make in 10 year. sonic team sonic adventure soundtracks are just consummate musicians that can do all styles, even rap or disco, neither of which radioehads are even capable of i think mostly. thanks
  13. When are they going to accept the inevitable and just put Ed in a dancing Radiohead bear costume? Make the guy useful!
  14. But Thom is on the song... he was probably influenced either consciously or subconsciously by this song when he wrote the basic progression in "Lotus Flower".
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