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  1. the beatles win because their music and the band itself had a bigger impact on society than any band in the history of the world will ever have or will ever hope to have.
  2. that's the only fucking instrument any of them play. there are five cowbells going at once. it's insane man. ed plays a mean cowbell.
  3. ehh, sorry guys. didn't get it directly off da intarweb. check soulseek.
  4. whoo! i got a holga last weekend at a pawn shop. finally got the pictures back (even though i sent them in monday. that's wal-mart's crap developing service for you). a scan:
  5. it's hilarious. the beginning of the video goes something like this: thom: "this one is dedicated to my screaming hangover..." *faint sound of a girl's high pitched scream* *thom points into the crowd* thom: "...and to her."
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