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  1. Good Morning Mr. Magpieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee How Are We Today?
  2. The Beach Boys during the Pet Sounds/Smile era. The Beatles 1965 -1967 Pink Floyd 1967 - 1979 The Rolling Stones 1966 - 1978 There you go 4 different bands that put out much better music (Imo) than Radiohead at the peak of their creativity.
  3. 4:21 - 4:49 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-KSrcyF6qQ 2:28 - 4:36
  4. Eerie and alluring As strange as it may sound I'd love to explore a place like that. I guess I sorta do that already whenever i listen to that song. Great Pics...You hit it on the head.
  5. I seriously can't stop listening to the song. I can't even count how many times I've replayed the choruses.
  6. Whenever I listen to this song I picture myself waking up in a dark grey eerie forest wondering how I got there and how will I ever make it back home. So hauntingly beautiful that it relaxes me and creeps me at the same time.
  7. Despite it being the closer to their latest album this song feels like a hidden gem. In fact, I don't hear much about it at all. (Not even on this site)
  8. When you cry because a song is that beautiful to you...It's such a powerful and moving moment.
  9. Or did it click from the jump? It's definitely not poppy sing a long music, you have to acquire a taste for it... (At least in my case..) Once I heard Kid A that's when things finally clicked and their whole sound sunk in with me. The first song I ever heard from them was "Indian Rubber" and I fell in love with it immediately. After that I did a little bit of research and heard Creep and it kinda pushed me in the opposite direction. I'm not saying it's bad but it's far from my taste. I know that singles don't sum up a band so I had to check out the albums..So I first checked out Kid A and Amnesiac and Kid was surprisingly incredible and had many songs that I enjoyed and even the strange cuts had hints of beauty in them. (I couldn't complain) When I heard Amnesiac it scared me songs like You and Who's Army?,Life in a Glass House & Hunting Bears freaked me out and made me question why anyone would be into some of this experiment shit. (It seems like they have not only the people but the critics) Was there something I was missing? not seeing? not understanding? It took me a while to appreciate those songs and accept them and well now I'm a huge fan of all of their work..Would I recommend their music to a casual? No ..I did however introduce their music to my Ex Gf and Father and they both enjoyed it. (They are both music geeks so I expected that.) What's your story? Did it take you a while to get into Radiohead too?
  10. Thom's voice can be so touching it would be a surprise if someone doesn't get emotional by his angelic vocals.
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