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  1. but where does it land on pablo honey? someone's gotta ask the important questions here
  2. Tourist is quite probably my favourite RH song, so that. Tourist > Street Spirit > Separator > True Love Waits > A Wolf At The Door > Videotape > Life In A Glasshouse > Motion Picture Soundtrack > Blow Out
  3. OKC Moon (could change after initial excitement wears off, but holy fuck this is amazing) In Rainbows Kid A Amnesiac The Bends HTTF King Pablo
  4. "most inspiration for this album has come from the great boy bands like Boyzone, Westlife, N* Sync, and the inimitable Blue." YEAH, THIS IS FAKE.
  5. Bulletproof...I Wish I Was is probably their saddest song, thinking about it
  6. All I Need, Lotus Flower, Myxomatosis, Dollars and Cents, Subterranean Homesick Alien
  7. My original list has changed. A LOT. Here's the new one: Pablo Honey: F: Ripcord (Guilty pleasure I suppose :L) LF: Stop Whispering (Oh look at us we're U2 hdhgihjjgitjghkdorkojihwgesesesessxrftgsyhj) The Bends: F: Black Star (Not sure why I didn't put it as my favourite last time...amazing song LF: Planet Telex (I can't be the only person who doesn't like this song...can I?) OK Computer: F: The Tourist (Horribly underrated; absolutely amazing song <3 <3) LF:Erm..erm... this is hard...I suppose Lucky, even though I love Lucky. It's hard to choose a least favourite on a perfect album.) Kid A: F: How To Disappear Completely: Barely listened to this until recently...Honestly I have no reason why; this song is perfect.) LF: Motion City Soundtrack: (Had to pick something! ) Amnesiac: F: Dollars and Cents (Why this was my least favourite in the last list is beyond me...this song rules.) LF: Morning Bell/Amnesiac (This song scares me for some reason I can't quite put my finger on...still my least fave though.) Hail To The Thief: F: 2+2=5 (One word: AWESOME. The Gloaming is a close second.) LF: Go To Sleep (Yeah, one of the few Radiohead songs I actually don't like.) In Rainbows: F: All I Need (Still my favourite ) LF: Videotape: (Like I said before, I love this song, but something had to be last.) King Of Limbs: F: Lotus Flower (Damn this is a sexy song.) LF: Little By Little (Something about this song really annoys me. Maybe it's those weird ass drums.) I must have been drunk on that last list. Especially with D+C and In Limbo. Jeez.
  8. I never really thought about Dollars And Cents much until a few weeks ago but damn that song is great and has jumped from my least favourite to my favourite on Amnesiac And also, this ain't Radiohead, but I love Default now.
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