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  1. Hey, where did you find all that info? Would love to read more about that
  2. http://www.pmb.ox.ac.uk/news/dr-rachel-owen-1968-2016 That is nothing short of devastating. Heart goes out to you and your family, Thom
  3. so I've been blatantly ignoring everything radiohead related these last couple days in order to form my own impression and I've been so busy with finishing my degree that I have only been able to listen once. But I want to leave my first impression here for posterity and I'll come back and read this whole thread when all is said and done on first listen it seems like a strong album. The Numbers was my favourite, love the jazzy feel. Not sure on the name change though, Silent Spring was perfect RH, please tell me they didn't change the name just for an alphabetical tracklist.. The changes to Identikit were v interesting and v cool, an awkward off-beat rhythm at the start is probably exactly what it needed. Ful Stop was awesome. TLW was beautiful. But that TTSSRSMBTMT one completely washed over me, most likely because I was trying to pick up the pieces after hearing the Present Tense for the first time - I can't wait to see what people made of that on first listen. Surprisingly to me it's been Desert Island Disk that's been buzzing round my head ever since "You know what I mean" I mean that's bliss. Oh and Decks Dark seemed pretty immediate, lots of nice melody in there. Can't wait to give it a second listen today in the sun after I give a presentation at uni, it's been a painful but brilliant motivation. Hope you're all enjoying it, from what I HAVE seen it seems to be getting a great reception, all is as it should be in the world
  4. go wan then Radiohead - Limited Availability (While Stocks Last) 1. Burn the Witch 2. NEW 3. NEW 4. NEW (and am only human) 5. Identikit 6. Ful Stop 7. Silent Spring 8. The Present Tense 9. Daydreaming Whatever comes fourth will be the greatest RH song of all time calling it
  5. yeah could still be a small ambient introduction before ful stops blasts into action, my girlfriend says that's exactly what thom would do so
  6. wow thanks man, that was really unexpected, i havent thought about that one in a long time! Means a lot it's here for anyone interested https://soundcloud.com/patricksneezum/skirting-on-the-surface
  7. I have to say I don't think this is present tense, just played the chords over it and it doesn't match up whatsoever, could just be an elaborate introduction tho Edit: also not skirting on the surface, at least not as we know it Edit: kinda fits with open the floodgates, probably just a coincidence Edit: can't make it fit with identikit
  8. this is ridiculous but those bells are beautiful, lost myself for a second https://www.instagram.com/p/BFEE49_KyuM/
  9. BTW is so fresh, can't wait to see thom playing that synth and fiddling with the resonator knobs. What does everyone even do when they play this live? Colin on the bass, phil on the pads, maybe jonny on the synth and ed gawping at the string quartet??
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BE88cHGkUO9/ 14 days, that's pretty incredible isn't it? Does beg the question of where does the disorganisation come from? Fingers crossed for a second video from PTA & co anyway
  11. I fell quickly in love with that bass synth, it's perfect is Ed really playing that?
  12. looks like they issued a statement to media outlets, pitchfork too http://pitchfork.com/news/62800-radiohead-new-album-out-in-june/
  13. waiting for penny update on release theory record gigs in may, release in june? lol
  14. it's romantic. rh don't usually do romantic. people have a predisposition for romantic
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