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  1. http://lcd-adam.blogspot.com/2006/06/day-i-saved-thom-yorkes-life-or-how.html
  2. i get the deadmau5 thing a lot too for the sticker on my back windshield, i find it pretty annoying actually
  3. yea its the song I'm anticipating most for LP9 out of the ones we've heard. the 2nd time they played it they slowed it down some which i wasn't crazy about, i hope they record it at the same tempo as the one in miami. song sounds like an instant classic
  4. yea and besides nailing all the lyrics, you could tell he's really enjoying performing it. I wish i knew who radiohead was in 2003, i only got to see them in newark on this last tour.
  5. yea between the AFP live versions and even the henry rollins version with thom and jonny i find myself never wanting to listen to the studio version. i also prefer the acoustic version of the clock that thom played on jools holland to the studio version
  6. i know its a little soon for this, but i'm already anxious to see/hear these songs live. Considering he is busy in the studio starting on LP9, i wonder what the timetable for that would look like. Also Im curious if he would use AFP for live shows like for Eraser and (obviously) Amok
  7. pink section is a really beautiful segue into nose grows some. i really like those looping vocals towards the end that get increasingly louder as if they are flying at your face and then just cut off. Nigel really killed the production on this album
  8. thats funny, i was actually gonna say 'if only 'there is no ice' could give interference 2 of its minutes'
  9. I love the album version too but it is alittle too short no?
  10. i'm hoping for something in rainbows-esque..i unfortunately wasn't into radiohead when that came out but damn that must've been refreshing
  11. i've never felt tkol sounded like a thom solo album. My main problem with it is that some of the tracks have such a stagnant feel to them (particularly MMM and LBL) and there just aren't really any special moments like i feel they've captured on their other work. I do think bloom, lotus flower and separator are strong tracks though
  12. ok maybe "more radiohead" was a bad way to put it but i still haven't found a connection with tkol like i have with all of their other stuff and this one feels special off the bat. i don't think i'll ever see the light on tkol
  13. after 4 listens I'm really liking it a lot, but not digging mother lode and there is no ice..but the fact that a bunch of you love mother lode so much I'm hoping its a grower. either way i think this is more ambitious than anything on TKOL or Amok. it has a special radiohead feel to it that i feel both of those albums lacked.
  14. Kinda sucks that interference is only 2:49 and doesn't really have enough time to evolve. Feel like he could've done so much more with it, the version him and Nigel played when they were DJing seemed a lot more fleshed out
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