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  1. At this point I just want a change from their last few albums sound and have something different. I'd even be okay for a return to The Bends/OK Computer more rock focused sound at this point.
  2. Yeah it's incredible hearing Thom singing Bends era songs and sounding so good. On previous tours he seemed to struggle with those ones. Usually as you get older your voice gets worse, not better. Incredible.
  3. Oh for sure it's the best version of it! Burn The Witch sounded amazing last night. I never liked the previous versions of it.
  4. I've seen Idioteque live so many times, it was actually kind of nice to get something different this time! (That being said I would have easily traded Give Up the Ghost for Idioteque )
  5. Yeah I must say that I was extremely pleased with the setlist and Thom was in an incredible mood tonight!
  6. I don't go to sporting events and usually avoid large concerts because I just don't like them (unless it's Radiohead) so I don't know what goes on in these arenas very much lol
  7. Ugh, Canada Goose coat check?? They even brand that and to such a shitty company??
  8. I wouldn't miss Junun! They look amazing.
  9. I don't drink so I'm good there! I saw pictures of the show specific posters, very cool that they do that!
  10. Indeed! That's why when I made the decision to only go to one of the two nights I chose the 2nd, because from my experiences the 2nd night always has the best setlist (imo anyway)
  11. I mean, Thom really should have specifically asked for a moment of silence. Expecting a venue of 20,000 people where they serve alcohol to understand nuances is a bit much. Seeing people on Reddit losing their minds as if they were the bands emotions is a bit amusing though... They really know how to project. The setlist last night was amazing and I streamed it since I couldn't make it last night, but it was a great performance.
  12. Wait you got to sit next to the stage and got to go to the after show?? How was that?
  13. Thanks! I'm currently debating getting tickets for tomorrow night as well, but can't really warrant spending the money at this point.
  14. I can't imagine they won't! When Phil played here solo he did.
  15. Yep! Phil has played here solo since then, but this will be the first time Radiohead as a band are back
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