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  1. True Love Waits shouldn't be touched I just hope we see Full Stop on the new album. Apart from my heart being broken, they would be waisting an album classic if it isn't included.
  2. I have the triple gatefold package and lost my cd for a few days because it slipped down into the flat bit (that should be properly stuck down) that's next to where the inner sleeves go into. I only found it because i saw the plastic edge of the see-through cd sleeve slightly poke out. My ticket for London cost £50 btw
  3. Just wanted to also show my appreciation for 'Hollywood Freaks', such crazt lyrics, love it. Anyway, have listened to AMOK 4 times. The title track and Stuck Together pieces have to be my personal faves. Amok has that burial-esque beat that just sends me into some sort of daze with the bass and Thom's reverbed vocals. STP just has the funk. Gotta say, this album is distinctively the most rhythmic Thom Yorke record, probably the Mauro Refosco percussive embelishments, very good addition to the line up. Ingenue might be the least best spot on the album for me. Could easily change with continued listening. Looking forward to hearing what s.a.d sounds like when it gets released, based on how strong eyeballs is as a b-side.
  4. First ever radiohead gig. Not very far from the front - in the middle of Thom and johnny, closer to Thom. Lotus flower kicks in out of nowhere and Thom's silhouette is framed in front of those bright orange lights, maraccas in hand. I knew i was gonna be a mind blowing gig and it was. The the song ends with "hello, my name is Lady Gaga" <3 I think someone mentioned earlier in this discussion that the slower songs didnt communicate well, which i agree with in the arena context, the atmosphere didnt welcome it imo. This is because their more (for want of better phrases) electro spazzy awesome songs worked better: Bloom, Myxomatosis, Gloaming, national anthem, feral, full stop, magpie... then IDIOTEQUE. You could tell radiohead were feeling it that night. The first 7 songs - lotus to seperator were absolutely spotless. Quality bunch of live songs. The Daily Mail was a great singalong, funny how it is a one off song yet it seemed like the whole arena sung it. Feral was so frantic even phil and clive lost the timing but it didnt even matter because i was loving it too much Then i was behind some guy during Full Stop/ Magpie and we were fucking loving it - pulled leg muscles and neck ache. The girl next to us was shocked at this guy's moves, he was completely spazzing to it. Then the second verse (if you can call it one) in idioteque caused a mosh for someone reason but no one complained as it was the last song and everyone was so into it whilst Thom (watch dance video) was loving it too. BEST SONG OF THE SET - FULL STOP (if this song doesn't get released i will cry)
  5. Arcade Fire's Funeral number 3? hmm Anyway, everyone agree that radiohead's best goes 1 - OKC 2 - KID A 3 - IN R?
  6. The world will be a better place when everyone loves sit down stand up
  7. It's official! Now just need to move to the next phase and stick the madcap laughs onto my ipod and slowly get rid of the compilation
  8. Hey, just listened to Syd Barrett's wouldnt you miss me compilation. Wow, really really really good stuff. I'm more impressed with his solo work than my exporation into pink floyd's work post barrett
  9. It doesn't feel right agreeing with that statement but i do. Lets not forget that the Beatles are in very close second though
  10. Haha it is getting a bit confusing but i grasped that everything is good and is worth some time. Btw, anyone check out this trailer yet? Palu Thomas Anderson and Johnny have teamed up yet again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ1O1vb9AUU
  11. You have reminded me of how classic it is. My dad has a Syd Barrett album lying around somewhere, gotta check it out. It is sad though, lets just be happy that these people had a masterpiece in them before they burnt out
  12. If they were to release this kid of thing i would love to see tracks we're not fond of that they've played in this recent tour: -Kid A -subterranean -Treefingers -Meeting in the aisle -Orgy Plus all of their "new" tracks so they are all properly documented as they are atm before they may get taken into a studio and re-worked.
  13. I can see where you're coming from, TKOL seems to have a lot of energy and is a bit more fresher than the 12 year old Kid A. The end of the album is one of my favourite radiohead moments (GUTG, Seperator). However, in the long run Kid A stand out more, a much more solid selection of songs in my opinion. Saying that though what will we think of TKOL in 12 years time?
  14. Listen to piper at the gates and DSOTM, the two that i've listened to for quite a while. I've also recently tried to explore their discography more by getting a hold of atom heart mother and wish you were here. Both sounded pretty good but doesn't compare to the other two i mentioned.
  15. Wow, love the idea of Clive's turtle neck jazzyness making an impact on the record. Maybe a track similar to how the 15 step/Dave Brubeck remix sounded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PQQPUb8Rl0
  16. I'm in a similar situation. I think it will take a few years first, depends how long you've been going out. I've been in a relationship about 2 and a half years and only just is she starting to accept radiohead. She will always appreciate that they are my favourite band of all time and that i'll never shut up about when i saw Thom Yorke face to face at a gig. But yeah anyway, i put my ipod on shuffle and she has liked the odd song that has come on (no surprises, seperator) maybe because they sound pretty sweet and non offensive to the ear. However she still thinks they are a bit "depressing" and i don't think she likes Thom's voice sometimes. Also the electronic elements or the pre KID A rocky side to radiohead wouldn't be appreciated. To an outsider i can kind of see why they think this but as you said, tackle an album and they can begin to understand the beauty and genius of them. On the otherhand, It's something to work on, but i don't mind because at least we both love the beatles!
  17. yeah i've also thought about getting the there will be blood score, watched the film a fair few times.
  18. Thanks for the link. Will probably get my hands on it at some point, sounds great.
  19. I could get the score but i was interested in watching the film with the accomponying score which would probably interest me more. (didn't mean for that to kind of rhyme) Just wondered if anyone watched it and thought the film and/or score was any good
  20. Last Flowers got me a week or two ago. The Lyrics and the range his voice can go... beautiful
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