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  1. Any idea what kind of time the gates will be open, and what kind of time I'd need to arrive to get on the barrier? First time seeing Radiohead, I'm excited!
  2. I'm going on my own (I was going to buy 2 but I didn't know who I'd end up going with, so couldnt because of the ridicilous ticketing system), and I don't see the problem with it. Just enjoy the music and experience.
  3. Is it usual for them to charge that much? I think it was about £30ish for Arcade Fire in August.
  4. So I take it the same rules will apply on friday? Having to name who the ticket is for? Ridiculous, the worst aspect of it for me, although I agree that the prices are pretty scandalous as well. Having said all that, I'm still very excited to go, albeit on my own.
  5. So am I right in thinking that if we want to go with someone else we have to already know who that someone is? With less than 24 hours notice? 7 months in advance? Got one for myself anyway.
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