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  1. Hey all, I have Waste Tickets for Boston 2 and MSG 1. For MSG they're allegedly being sent, but I haven't gotten tickets and I'm getting worried. Has anyone gotten tickets for MSG in the mail yet?
  2. Ah OK. Well I have that link. Maybe last on sale my mistake was going to the link off the main page. Hope you're right (and the ticket gods shine their light on me tomorrow
  3. Hi all. Lurker here. Presale is tomorrow, and every time (except 2012) I have issues. Do I need to log in to participate? If so, is there a link to login before the presale starts?
  4. because they have to edit it. Besides, Radiohead isn't going to be in Austin or, more than likely, the U.S. later in this year. FWIW, The letter that was sent to those that got to go said it'd air next fall.
  5. Anyone? Gotta plan for tomorrow and things are getting more complicated
  6. My gut says they played the Miami set because they knew there'd be tons of diehard fans flying in from all over the place. I haven't seen them in 15 years, so as long as i get a healthy overview of Kid A +, I'm good. If I get a few pre Kid A, I won't complain. I'm just glad I finally got Tickets again.
  7. me too. Ustream can't even stream the ads without stuttering. i did seem some video. I guess there's no pit this tour
  8. Strange, because I starting hearing Lotus Flower at or before 9:40 Eastern.
  9. Now that we're 3 shows in, can someone tell me if WASTE floor tix really get in before the rest of the people with floor tickets? Also, is there a pit area? Roughly how many get in(guessing 300-400). It's been a long time since I've gotten to see these guys and I'd like to take pics, but that requires I get close, so any info is greatly appreciated.
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