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  1. One day it will happen One day it will all come true
  2. It’s likely to blow out any day now.
  3. It’s how he (stipe) talks about mentoring beautiful, young, and very vulnerable rock stars on how to be an even better rock star. And when he said he tried to save Kurt Cobain. Maybe it’s for real but it seems to me like some name dropping too. It’s not about his art or his looks. I still like Thom though and ok he is not really doing the sad guy thing but it is more like anxiety? And I love that about RH, the expression of anxiety.
  4. But I don’t think RH are copying them except for the sad guy thing and Thom is a little creepy too.
  5. Michael Stipe is kind of creepy.
  6. This all reminds me of before the net when you had to camp outside the store overnight to get the hot tickets. It was a pain in the ass but you were amongst friends and true fans.
  7. Yeah I think I saw swirls just reading about it. It’s a dirty grungy song combo. Like it.
  8. They put Myxo third song in the set list? I can’t believe they went there. I’m really happy that so many MT folks got to see them this time around.
  9. Wow those set lists! Are they going to play everything this tour ?! Specter is a good song.
  10. I will always love okc and I'm old like RH and also like them I have a lot of treasures and memories from the 1990s that I am ready to let go of maybe that is what they are doing too by releasing old favorites like TLW and Burn the Witch and pieces of tape etc. I hope it's something cool.
  11. SHA That was real nice. I can't believe they are playing so much OK Computer on this tour!
  12. Good luck everyone! I think I'm skipping this one. Miami is about four hours away and I would feel guilty spending the time and money it would take for it happen. I'm glad that I had a chance to see the band twice already and I even scored Waste tickets before so it won't hurt too much.
  13. Miami!! I really thought they would skip fla this time so this is cool.
  14. party woo


    Let Down?!? I die...
  15. Oh la la jonny I love this series of band pics and I hope we get the whole set.
  16. They played the new album songs in order. wow.
  17. My Iron Lung!!!!!! Cool set. I love the first five songs in order and Reckoner closer. It's so exciting when the band goes on tour
  18. Radiohead made a classical music album. I'm really into it. It's weird, and it makes me feel uneasy, and it's freakin me out a little, and I love it.
  19. Lol at Identikit being a Simon & Garfunkel reggae goth chorus hymn thing. I don't even know.
  20. It's so strange and beautiful, and so Radiohead. I wasn't expecting to like it this much but it blew my mind a few times.
  21. My neighborhood lost power around 12:30 am last night night. I was hoping the album had been released early and blew up the world.
  22. Identikit is my jam. I can't imagine they would leave it off the album after they played it so often in tkol tour. Every RH album needs a space pop lullaby.
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