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  1. The Chicago Manual of Style Women Who Run With the Wolves The Fever Impervious: Confessions of a Semi-retired Deviant
  2. I mean this is not why my day is shitty, it’s more than my dumb floor, but having to deal with derp derpy old farts who think they know everything when they actually very wrong makes it worse.
  3. Omg the freaking building trades are so dumb. We don’t have plywood subfloors here idiot how can you not know this and call yourself a skilled professional? Look at the stucco and concrete blocks dummy this is a concrete slab foundation just like 95% of Florida homes built since 1950. Go back to 1980s and New Jersey and hand in your contractors license stupid old fart. *throws cinderblock in adrenaline rage What a shit day.
  4. I love bruschetta, and this summer I discovered caprese sandwiches - pesto, thick mozzarella slice, and tomato toasted on a baguette. It’s just so good. Herbs on bread is heaven on earth.
  5. Basil just ends up shredded when I cut it anyway. I never put it in my salad but it sounds good. I am really into growing fresh herbs now. I have basil, thyme, rosemary atm. It was so hot in May that all my potted flowers died and the only thing alive at the garden center was herbs so I did those on my porch and it smells so good and I pick them and my hands smell good for hours and I put leaves here and there to scent the rooms in my house. Homemade pesto ftw!
  6. That was a nice prairie story gnogghi. I am neutral on Neil Young but Thom is really good at doing his own Neil Young. I loved On the Beach and Tell Me Why and they have a few more that they did I think...
  7. I would also like for off-topic to be private again if it is possible pretty please and thank you.
  8. Battlefield Earth is an LRon Hubbard book and Travolta is a scientologist. 👽 I am fascinated with this multi-level marketing cult. Don’t go running off to Sea Org okay? A billion years swabbing L Rons deck is a lot longer than it sounds!
  9. How many stones do I weigh? How much is a stone?
  10. Good people of MT! Hello! I miss this place.
  11. Oh yeah, semen in the fast food. I heard about stuff like that happening in old Penisylvania.
  12. Honorable Mention Sexiest Book - Captive Prince by C.S. Pascat because why wouldn’t you read a gay fantasy bodice-ripper?
  13. Best of 2018 - My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh Florida by Lauren Groff Best Books Published Before 2018 But I Loved Them in 2018 - Arcadia by Lauren Groff Homesick For Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson Honorable Mention - The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt The Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King In conclusion, you should be reading Ottessa Moshfegh.
  14. Merry Christmas Sleepy Jack! Merry Christmas MT! Time to party and make merry. I’m wearing my buffet pants. So grateful for what I have. Peace to all <3
  15. It’s not too late to ruin someone’s Christmas. Humbug.
  16. #7 Rose Perez #4 Toni Basil #2 Jody Watley... I never knew!
  17. Jingle bells, gnogghi smells filmfanb is gaaaaay Party woo looks like poo and sleepy jack got away! ^sing with love
  18. Rocking the suburbs (forgetting to close the bedroom window and treating the neighbors to a loud sexy show)
  19. The Night of the Hunter (1955) starring Rober Mitchum and Lillian Gish. Amazing movie and I'm not sure why this isn't more popular. The famous Love and Hate scene. This gothic noir boat scene.
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