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  1. Popcorn ceilings! I am repairing part of mine this weekend. Would love to get rid of it completely but I have bigger projects to move on to. 90s house, poorly done drywall, ridiculous "open" floorplan, and the poporn ceiling is meant to cover up these design flaws. I don't mind the spiders too much. They kill other annoying pests for me so it's cool. I do wish they would not walk on the popcorn ceiling and just stay away from the corners and edges of it because you can't dust cobwebs that touch the popcorn texture. I tried to dust my ceiling and it just made a bunch of tiny dust bunnies that I can't get off and now the ceiling is dirty.
  2. I know! Wasp stings really hurt:( Also I bought a washing machine a few months ago and it has a button for Blood and one for Wine. When did domestic life become so macabre?
  3. Does anyone else like typography? I just found out Mrs. Eaves is used on Hail To The Thief and it is one of my favorite fonts. The i ❤️ny logo uses American Typewriter. I think this is used in The Office too. IBM created their own font called Plex. The Supreme Court likes their in-house documents in Century. Enjoy this Gill Sans:
  4. This might be my final bug story. I got a professional exterminator service to join me on the battlefield and IT IS ON. I didn’t want it to come to this. I thought we could learn to live together. I don’t want to harm nature and I appreciate the diversity of life but they are destroying my home. There is a new ant, they find every tiny hole in the wall and come in and fan out and keep nesting in the laundry. They bit me! I went outside to find their point of entry and seal it off and as soon as I started to caulk they attacked me and I could not even see their hive/hill, it was a coordinated stealth attack. Then I freaked out a little and yelled which caused an insect commotion and suddenly all these moths and wasps flew up out of the grass and started swarming and I ran away and ran right into a wasp swarm and got stung again. Remarkably, I made it back to the house (through a swarm of mosquitos of course) and immediately called an exterminator. I paid for a year of service and told them to nuke the site from orbit.
  5. party woo


    Spoon was great, I just can’t figure out how I never listened to their music before. I like Cage and they are popular here, they both played here a few years ago and came back again for another show which is a surprise. I think cage was a little too edgy for Florida this time which seems weird to say about them, but I liked it and Beck was good too and I’m not even a fan of his but his show is fun. No doubt Beck was drawing immense power due to the proximity of ... The Church.👽
  6. . . . You see back in 2017, when women were ants and men were termites, the hurricanes would blow through town like a party thong, and we were good and happy for it! We were running out of toilet paper and pop tarts, and the store was two blocks away down hill, so I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the time . . .
  7. I think party woo is drunk.
  8. I think Spoon is drunk. Welcome to Tampa. This pretty good shit.
  9. My guys have epic seats at knotfst in Wednesday if the hurricane does not kill us all or scare away the metal \m/
  10. party woo


    I’m about to watch Spoon take the stage for the second time in my life and I still don’t know any of their songs. Cage/beck night running tour at the Tampa amp.
  11. 😄 When you have no electricity you can make pasta on the grill and all you need is a pot and some water and ramen. He provides.
  12. Tom Terry is doing the weather right and he has his jacket off. That’s like defcon 4. Seems early for this and we still have 4 more days. If he rolls up his sleeves, take cover.
  13. The internet loves Jim Cantore but Tom Terry of WFTV Orlando is a local god.
  14. I’ve been coned. They don’t usually hit the central east coast so I think this will move north or south but inland central Florida is always on the edge. You have all been through some great storms with me. I have some Stella Rosa Peach, a bottle of basic red, case of Bud Select, and a 12-pack of Jai Alai. I like to vary the alcoholic content in proportion with the storm. Cheers!
  15. I love spaghetti pasta. I hate this spaghetti model.
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