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  1. Most of my snow encounters were in late winter and early spring. It can be charming and pretty but I don’t like the cold or ice covered roads and dirty old snow so I don’t miss it. If tropical winter wasn’t so nice there would not be so many people in this crazy place. It really is 90 degrees today lol i should not have said anything and I can postpone autumn and winter.
  2. Mice are probably the only vermin I don’t have. Did the cat get it? Fall weather is here I think which means it is not in the 90s anymore. How much of the world has tropical winter weather? Christmas is always shown with snow. I got to see and touch real snow earlier this year and that will probably be it for the next decade.
  3. I love these chill middle agers. How charming is the dancing guy? They are like existential francophone Fleetwood Mac.
  4. I like this artsy frenchy pop so I am letting youTube autoplay some more:
  5. I wouldn't mind visiting Idaho: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/32011367?source_impression_id=p3_1569499487_HUc8skcdOk00y6AV
  6. Got three IKEA furniture pieces on the way and I’m trying to calculate the divorce factor for this project. Num of furniture pieces x Num of boxes x Age of persons assembling / (years of marriage x cups of coffee) = IKEA divorce factor
  7. Popcorn ceilings! I am repairing part of mine this weekend. Would love to get rid of it completely but I have bigger projects to move on to. 90s house, poorly done drywall, ridiculous "open" floorplan, and the poporn ceiling is meant to cover up these design flaws. I don't mind the spiders too much. They kill other annoying pests for me so it's cool. I do wish they would not walk on the popcorn ceiling and just stay away from the corners and edges of it because you can't dust cobwebs that touch the popcorn texture. I tried to dust my ceiling and it just made a bunch of tiny dust bunnies that I can't get off and now the ceiling is dirty.
  8. I know! Wasp stings really hurt:( Also I bought a washing machine a few months ago and it has a button for Blood and one for Wine. When did domestic life become so macabre?
  9. Does anyone else like typography? I just found out Mrs. Eaves is used on Hail To The Thief and it is one of my favorite fonts. The i ❤️ny logo uses American Typewriter. I think this is used in The Office too. IBM created their own font called Plex. The Supreme Court likes their in-house documents in Century. Enjoy this Gill Sans:
  10. This might be my final bug story. I got a professional exterminator service to join me on the battlefield and IT IS ON. I didn’t want it to come to this. I thought we could learn to live together. I don’t want to harm nature and I appreciate the diversity of life but they are destroying my home. There is a new ant, they find every tiny hole in the wall and come in and fan out and keep nesting in the laundry. They bit me! I went outside to find their point of entry and seal it off and as soon as I started to caulk they attacked me and I could not even see their hive/hill, it was a coordinated stealth attack. Then I freaked out a little and yelled which caused an insect commotion and suddenly all these moths and wasps flew up out of the grass and started swarming and I ran away and ran right into a wasp swarm and got stung again. Remarkably, I made it back to the house (through a swarm of mosquitos of course) and immediately called an exterminator. I paid for a year of service and told them to nuke the site from orbit.
  11. party woo


    Spoon was great, I just can’t figure out how I never listened to their music before. I like Cage and they are popular here, they both played here a few years ago and came back again for another show which is a surprise. I think cage was a little too edgy for Florida this time which seems weird to say about them, but I liked it and Beck was good too and I’m not even a fan of his but his show is fun. No doubt Beck was drawing immense power due to the proximity of ... The Church.👽
  12. . . . You see back in 2017, when women were ants and men were termites, the hurricanes would blow through town like a party thong, and we were good and happy for it! We were running out of toilet paper and pop tarts, and the store was two blocks away down hill, so I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the time . . .
  13. I think party woo is drunk.
  14. I think Spoon is drunk. Welcome to Tampa. This pretty good shit.
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