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  1. I love both but Suspirium Finale > Suspirium
  2. Albums out today, obv. Unmade: Thom performing Unmade for 6music:
  3. Thom's gonna interviewed about the soundtrack and will be playing 3 of the Suspiria tracks live next Sunday (28th) on Mary Ann Hobbs' 6music show - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000xg6 He'll also that same day be doing an hour long mix, which will apparently also include a song he did for Suspiria but isn't in the film or on the OST - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000xfz
  4. Looks like some people have received their orders early too Aaaaaaaand it's leaked
  5. Might as well post the trailer music too - I love it
  6. Yeah from reading the comments of the people at the listening parties, the Suspiria soundtrack will have like 5 or 6 traditional songs with vocals and lyrics (confirmed are Suspirium, Has Ended, Unmade. I think Open Again and Suspirium Finale also, but not sure what else), and the rest is scorework. I think Thom has thrown everything on there as well, like songs that weren't even included in the final cut of the movie, but were written for it. Also, during the interview where they debuted 'Has Ended', Thom said he's currently finishing up LP3 with Nigel, and it'll come out next year.
  7. New Suspiria song - It's pretty neat, kinda trip-hoppy and eastern sounding? My biggest takeaway from the 2 tracks off the Suspiria OST so far is that Thom’s solo music needs to incorporate more woodwinds going forward, because they're a great addition!
  8. Suspirium sounds nice. I'm quite surprised to hear his voice tbh, I figured the soundtrack would be mainly instrumental stuff but I guess not.
  9. Brazilian inspired weird ambient textured sounds? Sounds neat. Wonder if he'll sing on it?
  10. The Numbers and Desert Island Disk were debuted during Thom's Pathway to Paris performance, and The Present Tense debuted at Thom's latitude show and I think he also performed it once or twice during a few of the live shows he did after The Eraser. Other than that, I don't think there's any others.
  11. Interview with Skyfall/Spectre director Sam Mendes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09clppp Few interesting tidbits: Radiohead were commissioned first and originally put forward Man of War for Spectre. Everyone loved it, but the studio decided they needed a newly written song for various reasons, including academy award eligibility. They then asked Sam Smith, and a bit later Thom asked to give it another go. Smith delivered Writing's On the Wall first, and the producers thought it fit better as Radiohead's Spectre was a bit too melancholy for the opening credits. Thom was happy to have their song used elsewhere in the film, but ultimately they couldn't make it work
  12. Follow me around sounds interesting. The 'Did you lie to us Tony?' line needs to go though...
  13. This concert's gonna be veryyyy interesting. I dread to think how it's gonna play out.
  14. Roger Waters has got some choice words for dear Thomas http://www.stereogum.com/1952287/roger-waters-says-radiohead-should-stop-whining-about-israel-concert-protest-and-educate-themselves/wheres-the-beef/
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