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  1. Left my headphones in one night, i dreamt i was in a studio with the band and bruce dickinson, working on electioneering, in particular the cowbell part. Woke up and heard the last part of Electioneering.
  2. I don't think he's as creative as johnny or ed. He's definitely not your conventional major chord guy, he uses a ton of cool, unusual chords in all his rhythm parts, and his performance on bloom from basement is mental. Very good, but not top 50.
  3. Totally agree with Fitter happier for OKC. Its probably the closest they've come to a concept album so its easier to represent with one track. Other albums, especially HTTT are too diverse, thematically and musically.
  4. There must be another thread like this somewhere but i didn't see any active ones after a bit of searching. anyways i will start by saying i think it would be epic to hear radiohead cover something by nin like closer
  5. I really like all the solo work jonny's done. It would be cool if they could work more strings into full RH songs. Experimental doesn't have to mean electronic music.
  6. Very good... nice voice, sounds thom-ish without making it seem like you're trying to be thom, i mean that in a good way I made a similar cover... the link is in my signature i would love for people to give it a listen
  7. The beatles went nuts with experimenting for a while and then returned to organic textures on there last three albums, and that was well received, however before they began experimenting they had to earn respect. If Radiohead started with TKOL they would never had gotten big, a group needs to start with an accessible sound and then drag its listeners down with them. I think RH would be popular but not in the way they are now, and then when they mainstreamed their sound (OKC) they would be accused of selling out.
  8. Part of my series... the birds of london
  9. This is my new signature... thank you
  10. High and Dry, and fitter happier. Its just the hopeless emotionless tone of fitter happier that kills me... i have sobbed to that song.
  11. for me, enjoyment of radiohead is based on mood. If i'm in a more angsty mood i gravitate towards PH. Most of the bashing of this record it totally unjustified. Hell, ill admit Thinking About You is one of my ten fave rh songs. IR is generally viewed as the "better" record, but its just an opinion.
  12. Like all their albums this took awhile to grow on me. This is def not their best, but it is far from the worst either. Their are no unlistenable tracks on the album, morning mr. magpie and lotus flower are my favorites. I think the live from the basement show did these songs a lot more justice though.
  13. Im a 15 y/o guitarist singer, been playing for 4 months now, and i just posted a MPS cover on youtube. Dont really know what else to say... just wanted to get it out there. If this is the wrong place to post sorry... im new here.
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