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  1. That was really fucking embarrassing to watch. I feel terrible now. Did you see how as soon as they saw the camera thom and noah both turned around straight away? interesting.
  2. 1. Kinetic 2. Climbing up the walls 3. Feral 4. Faust Arp 5. How I made my millions 6. You and Whose Army 7. Drunken Punch-Up at a wedding 8. The Gloaming (Basement Version) 9. You never wash up after yourself 10. Electioneering
  3. Never ever quit this message board.
  4. Just been listening to an interview with Johnny Greenwood on BBC Radio 4, apparently after the tour Radiohead have got no plans for the future. WTF! If they don't release a studio version of Identikit I'm gonna be sooo pissed.
  5. What a remix! Spor nailed it on this one. (No, I don't think it is better than the original, just a nice interpretation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bYMQIGbQIU
  6. 1. Where I end and you begin 2. Weird Fishes 3. Bloom 4. How to disappear completely 5. Kinetic 6. zzzz bored There is no way I'm going to 50. I'll probably make a master thread in a few weeks with my favourite radiohead songs and then going down in order to the bottom.
  7. Tour debut. Haven't played since 2001. What do we think?
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