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  1. I think the only problem here is you listening to it and coming to this conclusion. But whatever, if it really can't get through to you, by all means, enjoy the b-sides.
  2. I fear that not much fans really know why they spent 3 years at Drew Barrymore's house recording The King Of Limbs...dot.dot.dot.
  3. heck I'm looking for a thread discussing how Overtones is taken directly from the bridge in Bloom. Get it together people.
  4. You didn't like Amok? It's a great record.
  5. Haha he literally would unless they're gonna play a bass less set
  6. I bet Ed has a lot to do with Feral or TKOL in general.
  7. I'm willing to bet it'll sound nothing like Amok and more like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tde3QObBlAo and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl5qVm52p0M like an acid trip in space basically
  8. You mean the case with Thom and Radiohead? I know anytime he does a solo work, it's stuff that he doesn't think suited for Radiohead and goes off in his own direction. I think what it means for the next album is that he would have gotten all that stuff off his chest to do something completely different altogether with Radiohead. My theory is that the sound of the new album is gonna be a sort of mesh between the intricate live instrumentation of TKOL From The Basement and the sonic qualities of TKOL(studio) being furthered. It'll be like HTTT but much, much more focused.
  9. MOAR B-SIDES! https://soundcloud.com/user161871141/honey-pot The b sides compilation just keeps getting better and better.
  10. So far? I came into this looking from opening acts from Pablo Honey on haha! I think I heard Sparklehorse opened on the OK Computer tour.
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